Review: Slashers


It’s not exactly the most commercial of films and I think without G owning it and telling me to check it out I doubt I would of ever come across it!

So then this "super fun" film gets rolling with a group of oriental cheerleaders kicking off the show. Those who know me will know it’s got me hooked straight away!

Slashers is based on a reality show whereby the contestants have to survive by any means possible and the last man standing gets the prize money. They have to use whatever they can find as weapons and use the 'arena' to their advantage whilst the cameras show us the best of the action. Along the way there are the Slashers themselves, trained killers hired by the show to spice things up a little and end as many of the contestants lives as possible and most of the time in a brutal way.

It’s a simple concept and the only reason I think that it works is because of two things;

Personally I think its actually quite convincing, use of clever camera angles and things such as commercial breaks add to the reality, and hey could this be a look at things to come? Reality shows gone wild? Who knows?

Secondly the gore itself is pretty plentiful, from people being chainsawed in half to all sorts of other bloody endings. It seems that each 'Slasher' has their very own weapon of choice that they like to use on their victims!  
How many survive? Watch and see!

Story wise there is a little character development, we get to hear the backgrounds of the characters and their personal reasons for being on the show, we also see a flash of boob! What more could we want. The film is nicely paced and doesn’t really let down, which is good considering the circumstances! Its not Big Brother were watching now right?

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