Review: Sleepaway Camp


I must admit I was a bit skeptical when this arrived, to my horror seeing the 15 age tag. In this day and age it’s taking more and more gore or extreme horror for a film to be remotely eye catching. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Having a soft spot for 80’s cheese this sounded right up my street. The publicity it has on a few review websites drew it to my attention as being a “grisly, shocking 80’s slasher”. It does fill the appetite in places.

Plot is fairly simple. A summer camp holds the ground for our murders, with the kids being slowly picked off. There is a nice pace to this film and it is not long at all before the death toll does start to rise. Granted in some of the actual killing scenes you do not see that much in the way of gore but you know pretty much what’s going on and in this film that’s all you need really.

A range of deaths from a boiling pot of soup……..might I add possibly the biggest pot of soup you have ever seen…….infact that amazingly big that a grown man has to stand on a chair just to put salt in……you see where I’m heading, to a beehive being used and hair straighteners being the unlikely tool of death.

To be fair the deaths aren’t really that imaginative, infact you know when they are coming and pretty much what is going to happen. However I got the most enjoyment from this film by trying to work out who the killer is. Its semi obvious all the way through, but that uncertainty kept me watching.

I won’t ruin too much, but I would bet my life that you did not see this ending coming! Infact when it comes to the most bizarre endings in terms of what you actually see, I think this film wins the award in its entirety. A mixture of both disgust and humour are managed in one swift scene before the credits roll. I was warned!!!

To keep it short and sweet as this is my first review in....a long time. I quite enjoyed this film. It’s all been done before but sometimes it’s just nice to see something new of the good stuff!!! Don’t let the 15 tag put you off, it’s definitely not a bloodbath so don’t bother if that’s what your after. However its simple, nicely paced and pretty funny in parts.

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