Review: SS Experiment Camp


I doubt anybody on this planet has any viable reason for watching this movie except for the fact that it was added to the infamous ‘video nasty’ list and, with a title which openly advertises Nazism, a small subconscious hope that this movie might live up to its controversial reputation.

I will begin by saying that it is not worthy of any controversy at all and clearly, all the daily mail managed to do, as with many of the other movies put on the list, is give this movie some much needed advertisement.

The plot is set in a concentration camp, or as it is referred to in the movie, an experiment camp. Within the camp weird sexual experiments are being conducted at the hands of an ‘evil’ Nazi doctor and the camps Commandant.

Much to my surprise the focus of the plot is actually maintained throughout the movie. From the opening few scenes I genuinely thought that it was going to digress into a 90 minute Nazi porno, however, to my surprise, not one, but two subplots manage to creep their way between the sex and not so convincing Nazi dogma. One of the stories involves a testicle transplant, the other a romance between one of the prisoners and a member of the Wehrmacht volunteers.  

What strikes you most about watching this movie is that despite the fact you expect it to be grim, and let’s be honest even the most seasoned horror fan must still be a little bit distressed by holocaust references and documentation, this ‘experiment camp’ doesn’t seem all that bad. After all the girls live what looks like a normal dormitory, they’re fed, clothed and even asked politely in some cases when some medical tests were needed ; they were even given the chance to copulate with the finest the German army had to offer, something of which even they seemed pleased about. The attractive girls that is.

Admittedly the ugly and less compliant ones didn’t fair quite as well. These are put onto a separate experimentation program involving less pleasant activities. This is where some of the torture comes into play, a reference to the alleged experiments carried out on Jewish prisoners by SS Doctors in the hope of bettering their own troops. This however is not particularally brutal and i think in all honesty the concept is more troubling than anything you see onscreen which, in all honesty is far from convincing.

Naturally there is a reasonable amount of nudity in this movie, and despite the fact that there is no actual penetration shown, there are enough tits, ass and bush to keep you entertained. Don’t be put off thinking you might get to see the bony rack of a malnourished Jewish girl; these girls come straight from the front line of Italian porno! Nice.  

In between the nudity there is the odd spattering of gore, but I will be blunt and say that it is nothing at all to write about, save of course the absurdity of the aforementioned testicle transplant; bits of blood and some bullet damage is all you get to see.

Overall this is a movie which is only going to be viewed for completions sake, or simply if you want to hear the line ‘what have you been doing with my balls?’ said in a desperately serious tone. If you are on the conquest to see all of the movies our very government did not want you to see 20 odd years ago then sure, give it a spin, it’s actually not all that bad, in any sense of the word. Be aware though there is nothing at all controversial about it, nor is it brutal so don’t go spending any money of collectors editions etc which claim to contain shocking scenes.

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