Review: Stalled


Stalled is the latest offering from Christian James who decides to deliver us a zombie comedy featuring one man and his fight for survival from the discomfort of a toilet cubicle!  

The office Christmas party is in full swing and the handyman has been called in to fix something in the ladies toilets of all places! Clearly uninterested he decides to take a break in one of the cubicles and relax on his phone, well it must be his lucky day because almost immediately two of the women enjoying the party come to freshen up. Little does he know that he's about to be treated, as we are, to a steamy lesbian scene where the two girls are more than willing to spread their Christmas cheer. Pretty much a perfect start to be honest!!

Literally before we know what's happened bumbling zombies are taking over and the handyman is fighting for his life while the undead are trying their best to get to his brains.

In terms of plot it's hard to critique the rest of Stalled, he finds comfort in one of the other cubicles where he gets talking to 'Heather', without meeting Heather he becomes an ally and makes it his mission for them both to escape in one piece.

Stalled is slapstick comedy all over, it doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest.....not that you would expect it to taking place in the loo! However as much as I like toilet humour only a few of the jokes raised a smile, don't get me wrong there's nothing actually wrong with the script, and the acting is brilliant but it just didn't hit the spot for me. Don't let me put you off though, the entire cinema was in stitches, maybe I'm just a boring git!!

When gore does come it is effective, the zombies, although still holding comedic value, all look genuine and the makeup team have done an excellent job.

My main problem with Stalled is that I couldn't help feel that it should have been a short. Or a 60 minute special......I just didn't feel there was enough content for it to be a full film. My opinion is slightly biased as I am very particular over zombie comedies, for me they are a marmite sub-genre.

Overall Stalled didn't deliver for me, it started off promising and then relies heavily on witty script and character development. As stated earlier the cinema was loving Stalled but I just couldn't crack a smile. It's not a train wreck either, it does have gore and you will more than likely find it funny. Just not my cup of tea.

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