You might not be able to tell a book from its cover, and similarly, you cannot often tell a film from its trailer, but Second Sight’s left field release bucks this trend – the trailer pretty much shows you exactly what this film is going to be like.

My recommendation, watch the trailer and decide – what is the line between the cliché ‘so bad its good’ and just simply ‘it’s so bad, its actually bad’?

‘Beaster Bunny’ certainly straddles that line.

With a plot which sees a giant 50ft rabbit harassing a town and a budget of about £50 the ‘Snygg Brothers’ look to a Troma style of film making which hopes to substitute the nuances and techniques of quality film making for gratuitous doses of tits, crappy CGI gore effects, some even worse acting and a script which will see you wear out your TV’s mute button.

Yes, the few redeeming features this movie has are somewhat overshadowed, but you would have to be a thoroughly tough critic not to see some novelty value in this release. First off, how many Easter themed horrors are there? And more than that, how often do you get to see numerous full shot 50ft rabid bunnies terrorise a town? There’s a couple of humorous lines scattered throughout the film and to be honest, if you can tolerate the whole schlock-creature ‘mega (insert creature here) vs Sharknado Pt4)’ fashion which is lurking consistently at the bottom of horrors latrines then this film will find a niche group of fans.

The creature effects are nothing short of bizarre – so much so I probably spend more time trying to figure out how the team put together the effects than I did taking notice of his actions and it was definitely nice to actually see the creature numerous times for comedic value! The gore ranges from pretty decent, to plain awful, but again it is there, and numerous. It is all CGI, and obviously so at that, but there is no shortage of imagination when it comes to the range of dismemberment, impalement and one scene where an eyeball turns projectile. Despite some positively awful editing the aftermath of each bunny attack is shown in all graphic glory, even if you don’t actually get to see the raging lagomorph dealing the damage.

On the flip side, I found it difficult to tolerate the cringe inducing script and thoroughly awful acting. It really was that bad. I got the feeling that the film makers were actually trying to make a ‘bad’ movie, perhaps hoping for some notoriety for such (ala Troll 2’s Garbage day phenomenon), and therein lies my biggest issue with the film. There are plenty of examples of movies which are kitsch and somewhat self-aware, but many are clever or trying to make a statement; think along the lines of ‘Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes’ or ‘Terror Firmer’ and you will get what I mean. This film, sadly, is like your wildly unpopular mate who is trying their best to seem ‘out-there’, ‘quirky’ and ‘random’, but the more they try, the less convincing it becomes. This film will really test your constitution for shit.

Overall, I feel somewhat of a miserable bastard for awarding the ‘Beaster Bunny’ a meagre 2 out of 5, but there it is. You can add a star on if you have a particular fancy for such film, but even as far as ‘bad’ movies go, there are better.  

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