Review: The Blackout


In all honesty I only checked this movie out initially because the cover and the premise reminded me of the great creature movie ‘Feast’, and  pursued it eventually simply because I never stop believing that there are many undiscovered little gems out there waiting to be unearthed. With the power of hindsight I think that I really should have anticipated the actual fact that this is nothing like ‘Feast’ in anything but genre, and that in all honesty when the synopsis struggles to fill more than asentence, with my experience I really should have known how my evening was going to turn out.

Right from the get go ‘The Blackout’ shows you its entire hand. First off the plot, which is fairly easy to guess just from the title and the monster on the front cover, is simple as ‘blackout occurs; alien monsters come out to eat everybody living in the tower block’; job done. It doesn’t develop into anything short of boring and when you couple this with a cast who can’t act and a script which might as well be published as two short books, one entitled ‘stupid things to suggest when people around you are being eaten’ and the other ‘the A to Z of monster movie line clichés’ you will find yourself questioning who is the more stupid, you, for carrying on watching it, or the people who actually spent time and money on making it. I can’t even believe that this ever seemed like it was going to be good.

All of the above I ascertained from the first 10 minutes of watching, and whilst I was holding out right to the bitter end that the monsters might save this movie from anything but a 2/10, deep down I knew the truth, if anything they made the movie worse. I genuinely don’t know what inspired the design of these creatures, or if indeed the lack of inspiration was the problem, but when I saw what can only be described as a man in a rubber suit, a gimp mask sporting a rather unconvincing CGI tail I wondered if this was one big piss take.

Overall there is nothing more to say. As much as it disheartens me when greedy people make movies which only serve to deceive and make a quick buck, I would actually feel better about that being the case with ‘The Blackout’. To think that someone genuinely put effort into this... well, I think its best left at that.

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