Review: The Clinic


James Rabbitts debut film competently blends suspense and the recent trend for uncompromising moral wrong doing, to create an engrossing and rather mature feeling slasher movie which centres on the abduction of pregnant women and the harvesting of their unborns.

The plot, or more so the location in which it is shot, is the linchpin which makes this movie the success it is. After being abducted from her hotel room a formerly pregnant woman finds herself waking up in a bath of ice. After checking her surroundings she soon meets a group of women, all of whom are in the same state as her; babyless! Despite finding themselves seemingly alone, although captive in an abandoned slaughterhouse, the group decide to track down their missing children. If the situation wasn’t bad enough already someone appears to be hunting them down; there’s something else inside them worth taking!

To say any more would ruin a genuinely intriguing plot whose twists, turns and revelations continue to the final scene. Rest assured the plot is robust, and aside from the questionable judgement over the accommodation decision in the opening scenes, the whole circumstance seems horrifically feasible. This is made more effective for the most part by the decision to set the site of the ‘clinic’ in an abattoir. The sets are naturally very cold feeling, wide open spaces enclosed and linked by bland imposing walls and dimly lit corridors all add to the believability of the terror and panic the cast effectively portray.

Rabbitts has a definite flair for making even the most ordinary of kills memorable. For a film which, when stripped down, is effectively another stalk and slash movie, this one stands out from most recent releases simply because it is confident with what it delivers. The kills are all built with plenty of suspense in a way which fondly reminded me of Carpenter’s glory days, and when the kill finally happens, each one packs a punch. Whilst clearly not wanting to bow to cliché the gore in the clinic is very plot specific, and no matter how desensitised you are, the removal of caesarean stitches by hand has got to make your eyes water.  This scene, and numerous others, are all shown in graphic detail with the effects being more than convincing!

Overall ‘The Clinic’ is definitely one to pick up. There will be a lot of shit released this Halloween but trust me ‘The Clinic’ will be one you will be remembering for some time to come. I will watch Rabbitt’s career develop with interest.

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