Whilst the start of Alex Noyer’s twisted short film plays out like a cringy advert for the latest piece of electronic beat-creating technology, the end makes you feel like your eyes and ears have just took a joyride through the various portals of hell; and its only 6 minutes long.

Still trying to make sense of the sheer brutality I just witnessed, I will do my best to describe to you my experience although I seriously encourage you to seek out ‘Conductor’ for yourself, at festivals, and if/when it is released after its run.

The film opens as a crowd gather rather awkwardly around a booth at, presumably, a local mall. Whilst devoid in aesthetics or branding, the stall is hosting a beat machine and a laptop through which to login and submit your best attempt at recording a phat loop with the product. Initially Josh (Michael Maclane) struggles to get his groove on as he paws at the pads and awkwardly tweaks the dials. Despite his best efforts, the only sound with any consistency comes from the jeering crowd. Thankfully, he has a guardian angel in the form of Alexis, something of a pro she helps focus Josh, and soon enough he’s banging out loop after loop.

I once heard a dubstep song being described as having a visceral beat; Noyer’s film turns adjective into something far more literal.

Whilst I wouldn’t want to risk dulling the shock for your good self by revealing what happens next, I will end my review in stating that if there were an avert for the continued relevance and superiority of prosthetic effects over CGI, the final 3-minute gore montage that follows Josh’s competition entry is nothing short of the final word.

Brutal, bloody and diverse – thankyou Alex Noyer, ‘Conductor’ is one hell of an impacting piece.

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