Review: The Conspiracy


It would be no understatement to suggest this movie could revitalise the ‘found footage’ genre. It epitomises the very need for such a genre in the first place, merging as many usable, real-life media platforms as it could to craft a story which is as convincing as it is engaging.

The subject material of conspiracy theories is such a naturally immersive topic that it amazes me that it hasn’t been done before, but then again the simplest ideas are often the most effective. ‘The Conspiracy’ concerns itself with the idea of ‘New World Order’ an ideology that many fanatics believe is being orchestrated by world leaders who mastermind pivotal global disasters to shape national boundaries and influence political involvement outside home affairs. The movie begins with the film makers contacting a ‘YouTube’ celebrity conspiracy theorist and in order to conduct some research and information about his ideas and the circle of friends he resides in, soon enough though the film makers themselves become embroiled in the world of shadows as they become aware of the infamous Taurus club, and the dangers which go with it.

As with conspiracy theories themselves, the real strength of this movie is the sheer conceivability of its plot. Mixing lies with the truth so to speak, the film makers craft several key set pieces where differentiating faux from the truth become difficult. With the start of the movie relying on the usual topics of conspiracy – the US cover-ups about 9/11 and the nation’s leaders becoming embroiled in several scandals throughout history, most implicating them as conspirators to several domestic attacks - the view can immediately identify with the subject material. From then on you are left to simply enjoy the trail of breadcrumbs to the finale, hooked on every word, every pattern in their research.

As charismatic as the best of the true conspiracy fanatics, the script is so tight and delivered so convincingly it goes way past simply being a movie, or even a documentary, right up to the final climax things have gotten very intimate. You realise they have gone too far, but like them, you couldn’t walk away from it if you wanted to! Stunning film making to say the least.

The movie crescendos with a horror style finale, a sort of twist you most definitely won’t see coming and, not wanting to give anything away which would spoil it for you, it fits in so well with the overall theme that again, rather than thinking this is a movie, you are happy to accept this as true ‘found footage’; something which I rarely will say about a genre that I am not even a big fan of.

Overall, please take my enthusiasm for this movie as a recommendation to go and buy it. I cannot recommend it enough.

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