Review: The Convent


There are a handful of films that fall into the 'best watched with mates and a few beers' category most of which are that shit that it requires some form of distraction just to get you through them, I'm glad to say though that 'The Convent' is actually really good fun!

This late 90's entry from Mike "Big Ass Spiders/The Gravedancers" Mendez is fresh out of the gory b-movie hot spot, it features some seriously wild imagery - ill touch upon that later and although does use a standard plot recipe, is well worth picking up.

The film opens with a flashback of a young woman going gung ho on some nuns, riddling them with shotgun shells before setting them alight, straight off the bat this film has your attention! To the present time we meet our group of victims, all with a different back-story and of course agenda for the night ahead. The plan is to head to the long abandoned convent to deface it with their fraternity letters, and to obviously get high and get horny!!

The convent itself is rife with some demon obsessed teens, hell bent on raising Beelzebub himself, of course they need to sacrifice a virgin to achieve their goal! After conjuring up some seriously bad juju it's a fight for survival through the rest of the night and to escape the convent.

The movie excels at humour and for once we are left with some likeable characters in the bunch! Gangsters Paradise's main man, Coolio, even manages to make an appearance as a corrupt cop who is out to seize some of Jamaica's finest before getting high as kite! The rest of the cast are run of the mill but do have their own personalities, mostly just lambs to the slaughter mind.

When the going gets gory, the gore is plentiful and with the aid of some seriously cool effects really stands out amongst other mediocre entries of the same era. Throw in some fast paced techno music during the frantic scenes and the use of black light's to highlight features on screen all adds up to be a successful mix. The overall amalgamation of different effects gives a definite unique feel to 'The Convent' which makes it a memorable outing - when I say frantic, some scenes are really off their tits, you could fool yourself into thinking you're on acid! Bonkers....

The Convent shares the same horror vibe as "Night of the Demons" and "Return of the Living Dead", whilst maintaining gore and substance is genuinely funny throughout. It gets fairly gory, is well paced throughout and with the aid of some cool effects, is very entertaining. A nice little blast from the past worthy of anyone's time!

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