Review: The Corpse Grinders


From the depths of 1972 comes one hell of a trashy b movie, The Corpse Grinders. If you are the type that shy's away from grainy awkwardly acted low budget horrors then move on...there's nothing for you to see here.

The Corpse Grinders was directed by Ted V. Mikels, an exploitation filmmaker who brought us "The Astro-Zombies" and "The Doll Squad", if you've seen either of those two, you know what he's about and TCG is no different. This 70's B movie sits firmly in his mix of trash cinema.

The plot is certainly qwerky enough to keep your attention. A spate of local cat attacks lead to a couple (nurse and doctor), to start investigating the strange occurrences. The actual cat attacks are menacing and whilst maintaining ridiculousness are thoroughly entertaining, in terms of visual gore this is pretty much where it ends, there's not a great deal to be seen elsewhere other than a few gunshot wounds towards the end.

What could possibly be the cause of these savage cat attacks? Well it turns out the local cat food company are struggling to make their way so have established that using the local corpses can save themselves a bucket of money, all that's left is to chuck them in the meat grinder and produce as much cat food as they want! Felix this is not!!

The concept of the human meat grinder is actually pretty grim and although nothing is ever shown other than the corpses heading towards the grinder and the result at the end of the machine, a combination of the sound of the grinder and the gooey paste that is delivered into a bucket can put a bit of a lump in your throat.  

The Corpse Grinders is driven by your typically curvy 70's women, wearing, at times...very little and if like me you have an obsession with the 70's/80's will find enough fascination in the clothing and style of this film to add a serious charm element.

The heroin herself is of course curvy in all the right places and simply put that is the only skill in her arsenal.....a skill that I will not complain about especially when she decides that getting changed must take place in the middle of the office! Thanks!

A mention must be made to the gravediggers themselves, with their dark humour and oddball nature they add an interesting spin on the gruesome subject matter at hand.

Overall TCG does not beat around the bush, you know what you are getting by simply watching a Ted V. Mikels film, and if 70's trash b movies are your thing then this will be right up your street. Personally I found it inoffensive yet entertaining, would I need to see it more than the once though probably not. Beautiful 70's women, ridiculous plot, 72 minute runtime, enough said.

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