Review: The Creeps


Part of the 88 films Grindhouse Collection comes another quirky low budget b movie, 'The Creeps'. The only thing you need to know about this film is that it features midget versions of the best horror icons! Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein and a Mummy all get their outing in The Creeps.

Anna (Rhonda Griffin) works at the library in the Rare Books Room, they have a number of manuscripts from old films and original books too. A visitor wants to see the manuscript for Frankenstein, without her knowing he manages to sneak the book out. When Anna finds out she decides she needs a private detective to try and find the book before her boss (who apparently loves her books that much that she has a bit of a steamy session with a first edition of "Jane Eyre") finds out.

A mad scientist is out to recreate his own crew of horror puppets and now he has acquired the last manuscript it's time to go ahead with the procedure..... something goes horribly wrong in his experiment and rather than producing his own terrifying group ends up with a midget army that are about as intimidating as a mouse dressed up like the grudge.

The minions are not happy one bit and want to be returned to their full size! The scientist needs to find a young virgin sacrifice to return them to their full size! Of course Phil (Star Wars Ewok/Willow) Fondacaro as Dracula, drives the majority of the dialogue, keeping it alive with pockets of humour.

As simple as the plot it, its still entertaining, obviously if you find midget monsters amusing. There's very little in the way of gore or nudity for that matter, it is heavily reliant on dialogue and humour but with a runtime around the 80 minute mark pace never seems to be an issue.

Overall The Creeps is a pacey and unique creature flick, I can't recall ever seeing a film with miniature versions of horror icons so from that respect its definitely a one off. If low budget b movies are your market then this 88 films release is for you.

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