Review: The Dead Next Door


When you read the majority of other reviews out they usually read along the lines of, "low budget 80's crap, with dodgy acting". There is a lot of truth in that statement however I don't believe it's a complete write off. This film had a budget of $75,000 and most of the actors did it for free, the film was also shot on 'Super 8' and it definitely shows. Yes its 80's yes its unbelievably dodgy but it does have some redeeming features.

This film was meant as a homage to some of the great names that had made the genre what it is. It's a nice thought but after a while it becomes a bit of a grind and it feels like one big brown nose for all ranging from Savini, to Romero and Raimi. Some of the characters are named after them, some of their  films feature in this one and the constant references just don't do 'The Dead Next Door' any favours.

The plot focuses on a team of soldiers called the "Zombie Death Squad" who are looking for survivors and taking care of the walking dead. They're also providing zombies for 'Dr Moulsson' who is trying to find a cure. The team is up against a religious cult who are trying to rehabilitate the zombies and are protecting them, giving them sacrifices and the like. When one of the team 'Mercer' gets bitten it turns in to a race against time to find the cure. Mercer gets abducted by the cult and it's left to Raimi and his team to fight for his friend.

Now I won't beat about the bush the plot is paper thin, the acting is pretty piss poor and the script is on a whole new level of clichéd cringe. Settings aren't anything special, although it's nice that with a budget of next to nothing they have managed to get shots in and around Washington DC, including the White House where zombies are clawing at the gates (even if we do get to see civilian cars occasionally drive past) ha.

I did mention it does have redeeming features and one of the biggest ones would be the gore. There's some really nice effects used here and when there are scenes of gore the blood does flow and its really enjoyable! In a sick way of course! The grainy picture almost does the film a favour throughout and adds a grimy feel to the film, like I mentioned it's definitely 80's and its definitely dodgy and sometimes that's not such a bad thing!

Overall I can see Dead Next Door best being used with a few mates in and a few beers to watch a dodgy zombie movie. If you're looking for an individual overwhelming film experience you're not going to find it here. Yes it's got many flaws but it has got plenty of gore and if like me you love 80's zombie films it takes a lot to put you off!

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