Review: The Disco Exorcist


Good evenings ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to get down? Get groovy? Watch a 70s throwback porno-movie? Great - ‘Disco Exorcist’ is exactly what you need then.

The plot, which is looser than the cast of this movie, revolves around a young disco stallion who manages to scorn a woman whose green eyed monster turns out to be an evil deity. Hell hath no fury and all that, well she curses him, although more specifically, any woman who he beds, and they turn into a possessed killing machine. Of course when your name is Rex Romanski this pretty much spawns an entire army of these evil whores!

Tongue firmly in its cheek (amongst other things), this movie blasts along at a blistering pace, moving from scene to scene with little need for explanation, although this is partly due to the fact that for most of the movie there is not a lot plot related really happening, just a lot of sex and the odd bit of gore. The cast play along well, and all performances reflect the ethos of the movie. Rather than trying to make a homage movie, this really feels like budget grindhouse. It’s all in here, outrageous characters, clearly improvised dialogue, questionable situations, pretty much every female is topless and bucket loads of cheap gore! It's fantastic!

The gore effects are deliberately cheap, but they do look good in their own sort of way, and certainly satisfy. In fact this movie is actually pretty gory, with a range of different kills which certainly elevates it above a lot of these sleaze type movies, where more often than not the tits replace the violence. In this case we get both so what to complain about.

Certainly, tits, ass and an at-the-time-appropriate level of sexism is to be expected from any exploitation movie, however, ‘The Disco Exorcist’ really commits to this. Literally there is not a subplot or set piece in this movie where naked women do not feature. It's shameless it really is, some of it you laugh at, some you just sit back and enjoy, depending on your orientation of course. It is played for laughs so none of it is full on hard core, but still the eye candy is there for the discerning connoisseur to enjoy.

Overall, complete with its own funky rendition of the popular tubular bells theme, ‘The Disco Exorcist delivers everything it needs to, without outstaying its welcome. Embrace or ignore the silly title, just make sure this makes it onto your Halloween watch list.

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