Review: The Doll Squad


88 Films are hitting us up with another Ted V Mikels cult special, this time in the way of 'The Doll Squad'. Watching quite a few Mikels films of late it seems that a formula of voluptuous women, cringy dialogue, low budget effects and ludicrous plots are the order of the day.

'The Doll Squad' appears to be the least 'horror' orientated of the better known Mikels films but you can see why its gained its cult status. There is, interestingly, a bit of controversy surround TDS, straight off the bat you can see that the film plays out a little like an episode of 'Charlies Angels', granted with a less panache but it's certainly still there. Mikels allegedly claimed that producer Aron Spelling basically ripped him off, to produce the well known television series. Quite where this ended up in terms of any further legal action I don't know, personally at the very most it shares a few similarities but that's about all, whether that's grounds or not Mikels definitely believed it was straight up plagiarism.  

The plot sees Sabrina, the leader of the Doll Squad, taking 4 of her female operatives (selected by a computer of course) to stop a mad man from, wait for it......releasing RATS....YES RATS to spread the bubonic plague! With the aim of overthrowing world governments. In all honesty the cheesy feel of the plot does fit in with the rest of the film.

70's women are pure, un-tainted goddesses that have natural curves, long flowing hair and are never afraid to expose their bodies! It's such a pleasure watching pure beauty, especially in scenes where they have to use their assets to trick the enemy forces. Get me a one way ticket to the 70's please! It looks kind of dreamy! The group are as deadly as they are sexy, using an array of, quite frankly, dodgy martial arts moves and insane accuracy with silenced weapons (although renowned for being hilariously inaccurate), these girls can do it all, roaming around in fitted playsuits they are brutal! Double tapping enemies from close distance when possible....I guess you can't be sure unless you've put a couple of extra rounds in them from a foot away! These girls make the Charlies Angels look like pussy cats!

One particular tool in the squads armoury is a drink that literally makes men explode and I'm not talking dynamite explode, I'm talking no blood no guts, vaporising exploding men! YES! This film has elements in it so bad they are truly great, elements that have to be seen to be believed. The death toll itself is huge, after the first quarter of the film is out of the way the pace is rapid, and there's never many dull moments.

A note must be made of the musical score, a mesmerising mix of 70's porn music, pulsating its way through guitars, trumpets, slow drums, synthesizers, its one eclectic mix and it sits perfectly in the girl power secret agent set!

Overall The Doll Squad is a fun Z movie, well worth a watch! I love the 70's, as you can probably tell from the body of my review, well this for me is what the 70's is all about, cheesy plots, ridiculous dialogue, stunning women and without forgetting......exploding men HA!

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