Possibly one of the best big foot movies I’ve seen recently with the least bigfoot scenes in it! Regardless it’s a beast of a creature movie none the less. Indeed, the titular ‘Fiancé’ takes over from the large footed fury one as ‘lead creature’ about a third of the way in and delivers tenacity and brutality in equal measure.  

The plot follows a proposal weekend from hell. When a wealthy business man and his girlfriend retreat for a romantic getaway at his mountain condo things don’t quite go as planned. There is an escaped ‘Bigfoot’ milling about. Now ordinarily that would be the biggest problem faced by the characters of such a film, however, there’s a twist. Bigfoot bites the fiancé to be, and turns her feral – pure beast mode. Claws out, she seeks nothing but the decimation of her proposed husband, attacking and retreating in cumulating ferocity, falling back only long enough so as to indulge us with a bit of a meandering back story about the husbands dodgy dealings with the Russian mob.

It’s true that the back story, and very loose tie in with the actual ‘Bigfoot’ creature is a little bizarre, but to be honest I appreciate the effort in trying something new. For those looking for something more traditional, the first 20 minutes or so contains some pretty amusing Bigfoot attacks and eye witness testimony, but for me the film really gets going when it settles into the main plot line – which predominantly features gory creature attacks conducted by some young lady gowned in white, spattered with blood tearing chunks out her fella.

The creature effects look really good, think more ‘deadite’ than bigfoot ala woman-in-a-suit with fuck-off claws and you will be along the right lines. It’s not over done, just enough to make her look savage. In all honesty, the look, and a tenuous justification for the metamorphosis into the ‘creature’ being linked to some twisted Russian revenge lore, I am surprised the film makers didn’t go down the supernatural possession link – especially as the actual ‘attack’ scenes are quite contrasting to the films more comedic opening scenes. Either way, watch and enjoy!

The gore also stands up, in fact really well. This film is gruesome – took me by surprise actually! Whilst the body count is relatively small, each successive attack by the fiancé creature is more savage than the last, seeing the recipient losing fingers, toes and generally being shredded is satisfying to say the least. The blood effects look awesome as do the gooey prosthetic effects. If this wasn’t enough, we get to see some more traditional creature attack gore shots – such as prosthetic arms pulled off – when the bigfoot creature competes for screen-time. Win-win.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality of the acting, creature and gore effects contained within this edgy creature flick, and its clear some love and devotion has gone into its creation. Whilst the story is still a little contrived, the sheer entertainment value of the attack sequences is worth the price of admission. You can check out ‘The Fiancé’ on VOD amazon and I Tunes from November 15th 2016.

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