Review: The Final Destination


The biggest problem I have with this film is the name. Why "The Final Destination" and not just "Final Destination 4"?

I assume the answer to this question is that they jumped on the 3D bandwagon a film too late and missed out on calling the third film "Final Destination 3-D" and felt they still needed something to set it apart from just being another sequel; so they slapped 'The' at the beginning and lost the numbers... but what will they do when we get the inevitable 5th film?

"Final Destination 5" or "The Final Destination 2"?

It’s Alien and Rambo all over again.

Anyway, to the film.

Do I really need to explain this? Anyone who’s seen any of the other films will know the storyline, and that’s a real shame. This film has no surprises really, it relies far too heavily on the 3D gimmick, but I’ll come to that later.

As I said it’s incredibly predictable, here’s a summary of every final destination film:

A group of attractive young people are enjoying some time together, in a larger crowd setting, when suddenly a terrible accident happens and lots of people including the attractive ones die… But wait!! It was all a dream come premonition as seen by one of the attractive group. After a bit of a scene they convince some people to leave before the foreseen accident happens, the accident happens and everyone thinks the “psychic” one is a freak…. That is until the survivors start dying! They figure out that they’re dying in the order they would have died in the original accident, they try to keep each other alive and think they’ve beaten death at his own game and broken the cycle… but then *Spoiler Alert* it turns out they didn’t manage that. Then more, if not all of them, die.

End credits.

So this time round the accident is at a NASCAR race. As far as I can tell the filmmakers only did 3 other things differently. 2 of which annoyed the shit out of me. I actually had to go the loo a few times because by body just didn’t want to hold onto my shit any longer.

1. Gratuitous 3D - The film doesn’t need it and suffers because of it, at least I assume the reason the special effects suffer so much is that they spent all the money on 3D.

2. One of the best things about the original trilogy, especially the 2nd and 3rd films, was seeing all the elements of a death line up and seeing them fall like dominos before eventually killing a survivor. The filmmakers this time round seemed to think that the next logical evolution of this was to tease the audience by bluffing the accident set up. More than once lots of little things will happen and you’ll be anticipating an amazing death, only for something completely different to happen. The fun of this series is to watch the complicated deaths, not to have it ruined by prick filmmakers.

Anyway the 3rd thing isn’t annoying. This film has two major accidents fully realised as premonitions, whereas the other 3 only have one and then little clues about the other deaths. And I liked the change of formula, although it could’ve stood to be a bit more extravagant.

Ok that’s the major gripes out of the way, now the lesser gripes and the good.

The acting is pants, but what do you expect?

Where is Tony Todd? Unacceptable. (and don’t say, 'he wasn’t in the 3rd either', he fucking was, he’s the voice of the devil at the rollercoaster, so there).

The deaths are on the whole good, a couple really good, but they’re ruined by sub standard CGI.

As mentioned it is still painfully predictable, even when they break out the 'twists', they don’t feel like twists because you’re just expecting it constantly.

I don’t give a shit about 3D.

You know, despite all that, it’s not a terrible film, it just adds nothing to the series and doesn’t even live up to the previously set high standard. Let me put it this way, I don’t regret seeing it, But I own the first 3 films and I have no intention of adding this one to my collection.

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