Review: The Ghost Galleon


Clearly hoping to ride on the momentum of the success of his other two previous Blind Dead movies,  Ossorio continues his franchise quickly, releasing ‘Ghost Galleon’ only one year after ‘Return of the Blind Dead’. The result is a movie which, despite having a reasonable concept fails to live up to the standard set by the franchise and one which if I was honest was a bit of a struggle to watch.

The plot is as obvious as the title suggests, although a little misleading (as seems to be a trend with this franchise) as the cursed vessel is inhabited not by ghosts, but by Ossorio’s blood thirsty Templar zombies. Simply put when two fashion models encounter and board a mysterious vessel they go missing without a trace. Concerned for their safety, friends and colleagues go looking, only to be met by the same terror that befalls the original two. Dead Templars whose ship became lost into another dimension...

Hmm, yeah... Quite the cosmic blunder, and quite the continuity... quite how they did this is never explained, weren’t they captured and blinded by an angry mob and then buried in the cemetery of their own abbey?
Anyhow, to give the plot any more thought would probably mean that you (and I) have probably given it more brain time than Ossorio himself. The story is not the movies strongest element.

Neither is the acting for that point. Ghost Galleon showcases the OTT eccentric acting and polar opposite characters as many other low budget films, and whilst there is a definite attempt to build some development to each, the limited script and rather stupid explanations for the ridiculous circumstance the group find themselves in only serve to enhance the poor performances of those involved.

Overall you can see where this review is going, and if you weren’t a fan of the franchise already, this movie is certainly not going to convert you! The only reason it gains any points at all is that the Templar zombies look as ominous as ever and the sets used give the movie a genuinely creepy charm. There is one decent gore scene but overall the pace of the movie moves as slow as the Templars. It’s a shame, but thankfully Ossorio didn’t leave it there. Review for ‘Night of the Seagulls’ coming soon...

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