Review: The Haunting In Connecticut


With all the television spots, trailers and posters which appeared to saturate the market for months before the movies release, I viewed this movie with the opinion that, because of all the fuss there must be something uniquely innovative about it, after all 'An American Haunting' which also boasted its basis on a true story didn't receive half the promotion as this movie did. Sadly, my expectations were to be let down, as 'The Haunting in Connecticut' is another simple churn out of the poltergeist/ Amityville style chiller.

The plot is relatively reminiscent of the old 'Amityville Horror' franchise in that an innocent family move into a new house which has a dark past; in this case an ex-funeral home. It doesn't take long before freaky shit goes down. Now I'm sure that most movies in this type haunted house genre take the same influences as the Amityville horror, but this one is a little close to the bone. There is an attempt to substantiate the plot with some realistic explanations, throwing in some nice paranormal theories, but it does little to mask the fact that bleeding walls, flickering light effects, people appearing in mirrors and furniture stacking has all been done before!

The acting isn't to bad, although 'Martin Donovan' who plays the father in the movie doesn't really seem to fit too well and looks quite uncomfortable in most scenes leaving me a little confused about what sort of person he was trying to convey. The script too is OK, but I found that there was quite long periods of story telling which caused the pace of the movie to drag in parts.

Naturally the special effects look really cool and naturally look a lot less prosthetic than older movies, but still I found that despite all the technology, and indeed the influences provided from countless ghost stories recently, the scares failed to make an impact. There is a couple of jumpy ones which caught me off guard but for the most part the lack of imagination in the set-up meant it was pretty obvious that something was coming; I mean when the camera has already highlighted the presence of a big mirror in the room it's not that surprising when a ghostly image appears in it!

Overall I wasn't left with a particularly good impression of this movie. I still am a little bemused that a movie which so shamelessly rips of pretty much every previous movie in this already clichéd genre got so much attention! If some how you are new to this style of film and haven't seen either Poltergeist or Amityville Horror then this movie might seem good to you however, if you have seen either of those movies, then this will seem frustratingly similar.

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