Review: The Human Race


The double meaning on the title might just be the most thoughtful element of this movie. ‘The Human Race’ a cynical and uncompromising 90 minute summary about the self-centred shortcomings of our species,set against the backdrop of a sadistic game where unwitting contestants must race around a course, stay off the grass, and don’t get lapped.

The plot doesn’t really develop past that really. After being abducted by a bright light an assortment of people must literally run a race around a circuit. Refusing to race or deviating from the course results in one hell of a penalty! - An exploded head.

If you were to add in a couple of other rules they would be, everybody running with you is an absolute twat, oh and if you live in America losing a leg gives you superior upper body strength. Yes, the movie logically follows the similar pattern to the movie that no doubt influenced it the most, the infamous shocker ‘Battle Royalle’, in that at the start things aren’t too bad, but as time goes on, the people begin to show less and less humility and become almost feral.

The acting is a mixed bag between the good and the abysmal, but what holds it together is an interesting mixture of characters, with the movie jumping between them at sections to show their progress through the race. The movie might not be very deep in terms of its psychology; however, a great deal of thought has clearly been given to the numerous set pieces  which give a fresh perspective as to what is going on, and how people respond, at sensible intervals so as to keep the pace sensibly brisk.

Where the movie scores highest however is in its violence. Literally, this movie is not only very verybloody, the body count is horrendously high. No one is safe either! Priest, no head left, muslim, no head left, unborn baby? Well the mother won’t have to worry about vaginal tearing - this things coming out C-section at about a hundred mile an hour! The headsplosions are clearly CGI, but they look great. The other violence through the movie is as equally savage, and the effects look great there too.

Overall this was a fairly horrific 90 minutes well spent feeling shitty about our species and feeling a little bit guilty over how much I enjoyed watching everyone die. Still, it’s a great movie if you like simply watching death after death after death. I would say that for fans of the violence in ‘Battle Royalle’ that ‘The Human Race’ will be right up your street. If you are looking for a level of satire or critique of the nature of the beast so to speak you probably won’t be able to see past the large quantities of gratuitous violence.

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