Review: The Hunger


The Hunger is a heavily stylised but ultimately un-fulfilling Vampire movie staring David Bowie.

The plot of the movie surrounds two vampires, one of whom develops a condition which suddenly transforms his state of immortality to one of rapid ageing. Unbeknownst to him this has happened before, to all of the females lovers. In response, upon seeing her advert on the television he attempts to solicit the help of the leading expert in the field of rapid ageing. His efforts prove fruitless; however, she soon becomes seduced by the allure of the dark.

To begin with the plot is pretty linear; the paragraph above pretty much describes the entire movie. There is a little twist at the end, but by that time I was too bored to care about it. The biggest problem of the movie is the pace.

As I said in the opening sentence, the movie is heavily stylised, with the usual contrast of dark colours with stark bold primary contrasts, slow motion shots of wind through silky curtains and fantastically elegant architecture which is typical of such artsy productions. At times the movie is a real explosion of beauty and mood, others it borders on plain pretentiousness. Over use of the above techniques soon means they become ordinary and the plot, as uninteresting as it is just, gets lost and disjointed under it all.

As you might expect from the films ‘alternative’ direction, the movie decides on avoiding the vampire cliché of sun allergies and dodgy accents. This movie focuses more on the social interactions of the creatures rather than the mythology.

Naturally there is pretty much no gore or violence and only one arty sex scene which, whilst highlighting sensuality and desire is quite simply just really boring porn!

Overall, simply staring Bowie in a lead role suggests that director Tony Scott was out to make a contemporary and progressive vampire movie and on many levels he succeeds. It’s the sort of movie which will have people divided. Some people will really appreciate the art/film school elements of the movie, of which there are plenty. Others, like me, will simply compare the movie to the wonder-bra, all padding no substance; and we all know what is better!

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