Review: The Lamp


There are two things which strike you most about this release; the first is that it’s fucking hard to get hold of; the second is that the front cover is probably the dodgiest packaging I have ever seen. Just look at that picture! You would have thought that the now disbanded ‘midnight movies’ could have come up with some better artwork, that said judging by the straight-from-video transfer I doubt they spent any time at all releasing this.

Right, now onto the actual film.

‘The lamp’ (also known as The Outing in the states) is pretty much a generic slasher movie but with a creature twist, in the form of a djinn trapped within a magic lamp. However, replace the djinn with a man with a knife and you’ve seen it a hundred times before. That said it’s not that bad. In this film the teens are trapped in a museum over night ‘stalked’ by a vengeful djinn, until by morning the remaining survivors have to find away to destroy the creature before it’s too late.

The characters are pretty much what you would expect from a film of this nature, a couple of birds and a couple of guys some security guards and a couple of token black guys. The acting is good enough; although I got to say with the material they were given they did a Stella job! The script is shit.

Now onto the important bit, the gore.

The killings in this film are pretty original and for the most part are pretty cool. The victims are killed by the djinn’s telekinetic power which basically means anything goes. As a result we are treated to various impalings, a rather unexpected snake bite death, axe murder and a rather gruesome neck twisting to name but a few. The body count in this movie is not bad at all. The only negatives in terms of the murders are that you see a lot of blood after but not to much of the act itself which is a bit of a shame that said it’s no less gory that other slasher movies really.

The other noticeable negative is that the djinn itself is a very very dodgy looking model which is, to be blunt, laughable. It looks really bollocks. To top it all off the speaking parts it has, courtesy of Jackson Bostwick, is so deep and bassey that you can’t understand a fucking word of what it is babbling about.

Overall ‘The Lamp’ is one of those films which you will remember watching, and remember liking. It’s definitely no worse than most other memorable slashers and definitely has its merits. If you can get your hands on this for a decent price, then it will make an excellent addition to your collection, however, as it appears to be deleted in the states and eBay/ Amazon prices seem to fluctuate from anything between 1p (– what a bargain!) and £30 there are equal alternatives to spend your money on until it gets a decent re-release.

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