Review: The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue


If you are willing to listen to the hype that surrounds 'TLDAMM'....and there is a lot, then you will also expect a lot from this film. It's safe to say it is loved among zombie/horror fans and holds its weight in gold as a cult classic. Now the first time myself and G watched this we weren't impressed, so much so that I was about to put it up for sale but before I did I thought I would give it another go, and I'm glad I did.

I think our biggest complaint in the first place was the pace, now its 93 minutes long in its uncut form which is bang on the money but I must admit even on run through 2 I still found that at least the first half of the film was lack lustre. Probably why we wrote the film off in the first place but I think there are a lot of redeeming features to be had in the second half.

Now it is a bit of a mixed bag to start with, it's got an Italian/Spanish combo in terms of directors/writers and shot in England bizarrely (mainly around Derbyshire) which does make for fantastic shots.

The plot mainly focuses on two young people, travelling to the countryside. The local police suspect the two of a murder as they are new to town and as the death toll rises they become suspect number one. Unbeknown to the police a new radiation emitting device designed to destroy insects and protect the crops, is bringing the dead back to life and they are feasting their way through the locals. There are a lot of side plots and padding and these do take up the percentage of the first half of the film. I did find it quite hard to get submerged into the plot and the character development and by the second half of the film I was glad to see the pace increase and the gore to begin.

When the gore does come it doesn't disappoint, there's not buckets but the effects are pretty gruesome and the old school feel of the film makes some of the deaths seem brutal. The zombies themselves look authentic and walk around with a dark determination for flesh.

The finale is also worth a mention as the police think they are close to solving their case it ends up at a local hospital, where death starts it comes back to life and it's safe to say there's no happy ending here.  

Overall TLDAMM is not a bad addition to anyone's zombie collection, its just not one of the best and sat next to other classics in the same genre, you would pick them every time. I can see why it has its cult status and I would agree that the second half of the film does have many qualities of a classic, but the mediocre first half does pose me with a bit of a challenge, one where I find myself doing other things until the film gets going. Nice gore effects and ending though keep the score alive.

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