Review: The Mutilator


By Pick, by axe, by chainsaw…..BYE BYE! One of the best tag lines on a film ever, in my opinion. I had never heard of this film before coming off the shelf of a friend’s extensive collection so I didn’t really know what to expect. But in the end it turns out to be a fairly solid slasher.

The plot is simple, a young boy cleaning his dads guns for his birthday present (as you do haha) accidently shoots his own mum through the kitchen door. She dies, the father comes home, he’s not very happy to say the least. Without saying a word he takes his wife to the couch pours her a shot of alcohol and pours it in her mouth. It’s safe to say he lost his beans in a matter of minutes!

After this unfortunate affair we cut away to when the boy has grown up. He is now at college and hanging out with his friends. When he receives a weird call from his dad telling him to go and close down the beach house for winter. In the end the friends agree it could be a way for them to relax and they head on out to the beach! But little do they know that daddy hasn’t left the house and he’s hungry for blood!

There’s not much more to say, the teens go about playing a number of games mainly involving drink, then the deaths begin!! Now the gore itself is pretty good! The killings are pretty brutal and they come at a very good pace. One death which has to be mentioned is when one guy is chainsawed in the chest. As good as it looks and as brutal as it is, the acting is hilarious and I think it takes him about 3 minutes to finally hit the floor! Apart from that the rest are pretty serious! There’s also a pick axe to the neck to look forward too! Fantastic!

Now this film does have all the classics of an 80’s slasher. The music is typical 80’s, the settings are standard, infact I believe most of the film takes place in one house and a garage! Pretty good effort in all honestly! The script is cheesy and the acting is laughable in places. However I find that none of these really matter that much, when it all adds up I think it makes a pretty good film.

Overall this is for the 80’s gorefans out there! Simple plot, nice run time, simple settings and lots of bloody fun!

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