Review: The Orpan


"There's something wrong with Ester", and after watching this I will vouch for that! This film has always been in the background for me and it's always been one of those that I've never really been interested in watching however after someone's recommendation I thought I would give it a go. To be fair I was not disappointed.

The film begins with a flashback of the female lead having a miscarriage. Then we jump to the present and they are about to visit an orphanage with the intention of adoption. They find Ester who looks perfect, a well behaved quiet child that acts as good as gold! What could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot actually.

It doesn't take long for Ester to start manipulating the family and before long the mother of the family feels that Ester is out to kill the whole family to the complete disbelief of the father. At first I just thought it was a straight up 'unlucky family picks up a devil child that eventually kills the family' but as the story progressed I was actually interested to see how it would all pan out. The mother begins to investigate who Ester is and tries to trace her grizzly history back. Yes I found it frustrating that the mother was the only one who twigged and everybody else around her were completely stupid and oblivious but then I guess that wouldn't make a good story.

The gore is effective where used, yes there's not bucket loads but what we do see is pretty brutal and it's clear that Ester is no stranger to drawing blood. Without ruining the plot ill stop there, I will say that the ending definitely caught me off guard. Even as it was happening I was pretty shocked. Yes the haters will say it's ridiculous and not feasible but I like it. Call it Marmite if you will!

I thought the acting was solid, no cheesy one liners or cringe worthy script in sight! Everything was very well thought through production value was very good and location was spot on.  I really am struggling to find many negatives and I think that speaks a good volume. Even the plot padding didn't bother me, for once I thought it was necessary to tell the story.

Overall this film didn't blow my mind but it definitely held its own, even with its runtime over the preferred 90min barrier I thought it was a great film in the genre. Some people might not like the twist but I found it refreshing, after all how many times have we seen the same formulas! It's nice to actually see some great direction and breaking the mould for a change rather than using stale plots from a thousand other films in the same genre.

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