Review: The Ruins


A bit of a wild card as far as summer horror movies go, while most films seem to be relying on a big name star acting in remakes of old or foreign horror franchises to sell tickets (or endless sequels, I’m talking to you “Saw”), The Ruins dares to go against the current trend. Whilst not wholly original (the film was based on a novel), the film manages to do something which has eluded horror for a while, keeps the audience interested.

The film starts with 2 young couples on holiday enjoying the final days of there life before going off to separate universities. They make friends with a German guy they meet and he tells them about his brother, who is currently researching a remote site in the jungle. He invites them to travel with his friends to visit the site and see the ruins. After some whining from the women (typical), they agree to go.

When they reach the ruins a group of locals appear and try to keep them away from the ruins, but something goes wrong, the locals turn nasty and kill one of the party. Terrified, the rest of the group climb the ruins only to find the research team’s base camp empty.

I don’t really want to go into the rest of the story, whilst the answer isn’t a big twist; I feel I would be ruining the film somewhat if I revealed what had happened to the research team, or anything more that happens in the film. Suffice to say the film is very well paced with just a sprinkling of humour in the early scenes.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. Could it have been better? Of course it could, but this is the most I’ve enjoyed a mainstream horror film in a long time and for that it’s well worth seeing. If you’re a fan of mainstream horror, I can almost guarantee that you will love this film. But even if you’re not a fan of recent mainstream horror, I still think you’ll enjoy this, perhaps not love it. But you won’t regret seeing it

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