Review: The Terror Within 2


Let’s just start by saying the obvious, when you get the sequel for free when you buy the first film, on the same disc no less, you know the films are gonna be fucking amazing.

It will become obvious why I placed these reviews together; The Terror Within II is a direct sequel to the original.

That’s right; this film picks up almost immediately after the first. The only thing that’s changed is that one of the survivors has died and the remaining one has grown possibly the fakest looking beard of all time. So we’re talking a matter of months at most between storylines.

It’s mentioned in the first film, but only in passing; the world has fallen victim to a deadly pandemic and almost the entire population of the world has perished. Survivors need a steady intake of “vaccine” to keep them healthy (except the inhabitants of a shanty town we meet apparently, not a one of them seems ill at all, plot hole alert), the survivor of the first film is crossing the desert to the sister site of the first films science facility in order to deliver the necessary ingredients for the vaccine. The pandemic has also spawned mutants known as Gargoyles.

This film begins with our protagonist, the first films survivor (played by the same actor as the first film, it seems he felt there was so much story in this tale that he wrote and directed the sequel, despite having neither role in the original) saving the life of a beautiful young woman being attacked by a Gargoyle. He quickly beds her and gets her pregnant. We never really know how much time passes during this portion of the film, when they eventually do make it to the facility we’re told she has been pregnant for weeks, but this is never effectively shown.

Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself; after the impregnation, our heroes stumble upon the aforementioned shanty town and are welcomed with opened arms. Whilst a couple of men keep the bloke busy, the woman is dragged away to be "sacrificed".

The sacrifice consists of the woman being strapped face down to an angled table so her lower half is at optimum height, and then becoming a victim of rape by a gargoyle mutant.

Now, I don’t think rape is funny, I do not condone it and I consider it to be one of the worst things a man can do to a woman!. However, they found a way to make it funny; by making it look ridiculous.

The mutant comes in, in an amorous mood, whips the woman’s shorts off, and we get to see it thrust away, and it is so unexpected, you just have to laugh. Anyway the bloke realises what’s going on, kills the men keeping him busy and rushes to her aid, but he’s too late.

They make it to the facility and she is heavily pregnant, then with some bullshit science explaining why her foetus is actually now a gargoyle baby we just repeat the entire storyline of the first film, but in a third of the time. Oh and with a worse looking mutant than the first film too.

But we do get to see a couple of pairs of tits in this film. So it’s alright.

There’s a side story about the facility staff succumbing to the virus one by one whilst the doctor hordes vaccine for herself, the bitch, but it’s just there padding out the film.

It’s not as good as the first, and that is saying something, but it has its moments and getting both films for a couple of quid is worth it just for the cheesiness of it all.

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