Review: The Terror Within


What can I say about The Terror Within?

Are you a massive fan of the classic Sci-fi /horror masterpiece Alien?

Do you wish that a group of less skilled, less equipped filmmakers would attempt to create the same outcome?
Well, your wish has been granted; The Terror Within is such a shameless rip off of Alien it’s amazing that the film wasn’t a victim of a lawsuit. It’s not that it’s just a rip off, it’s that it’s done without an ounce of irony or parody; this film takes itself 100% seriously.

You wanna know the most amazing thing about it? It’s not actually too bad.

When I say it’s a shameless copy of Alien, I do mean it, but they have changed many details, probably to avoid a lawsuit: Instead of a spaceship, they are in a self enclosed underground research facility, instead facehuggers implanting an egg in a host, a mutant, known as a gargoyle (the adult form) rapes women and impregnates them (I know, I know). But aside from that, it’s very similar.

The "horror" comes from the suspense of the scientists being trapped in an enclosed space with the creature, just like Alien; they battle the creature with weapons constructed from mining equipment, I.e. flamethrowers, just like Alien; there is a pair of arsehole technicians that won’t do anything without it being worth their while, just like in Alien (in fact, just like in alien, it’s one white and one black guy, they even dress and act exactly like their Alien counterparts).

Anyway, what’s good about it?.... I don’t know..... That is the honest truth, I cannot tell you why I enjoyed this film, all I can tell you is that I did; maybe it had something to do with the monster looking so terrible, having the distinct fighting style of a bare knuckle fighter... it punches a bloke before ripping out his throat, oh and it beats up a dog too. Or it could be that it impregnates its victims by raping them.... it’s a rich tapestry.

Anyway, get some mates round and watch it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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