Review: The Unborn


I had the opportunity to watch 'The Unborn' for the second time the other day so I jumped at the chance as it had been a while and from what I remembered I was very fond. Watching it for the second time I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

My main problem with this film is how generic it is, yes I know most films have elements of others involved and originality is rare in today's films however following down the same track as "girl has a demon following her cue exorcism, is hardly riveting". It does have a twist thrown in but I just found it quite weak and not really that interesting.

The story is fairly standard, our main character Casey Beldon (played by the very sexy Odette Yustman) starts to experience very strange happenings... the ones that usually happen before the shit hits the fan. Most of the haunting's involve a small boy whom she does not know. After a few scares and a bit of tension building we see our main character's eye colour change, after visiting the doctors and discovering the only common cause of this is in twins Casey decides to go investigating.

After uncovering her dark past which involves the 'hate' of Mengele’s child experiments (long story) our Casey has deemed it time to get rid of this evil that surrounds her and puts herself up for a good old exorcism. As you can imagine this is where the rest of the film spends its focus, from trying to get the people to carry it out, to trying to convince people that she's not completely mad, to the exorcism itself.

Now I have been quite critical of how generic 'The Unborn' is but it does have its pluses. There are a few jumps in there (although if you don't see them coming a mile off ill eat my sweaty socks), body contortion and general eerie atmosphere at times are used well. It is quite polished and obvious production value does do it justice. The scares themselves are Ok....just a bit too obvious, yes little boys that say weird things are always going to be a bit freaky but overuse can always change something from being strange and eerie to simply frustrating. One effect that deserves a mention happens towards the end where the evil spirit literally bends a poor woman in half backwards! I definitely didn't see that coming and will now be eating my own sweaty socks! Great!!

Overall I can recommend The Unborn for a one watcher when there's simply nothing else to watch. However would I add it to my collection or watch it again? Honestly no, there's a lot of other supernatural films out there they are going to be more scary, and have better plots that you will actually care about. 

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