Review: The Unseen


I read somewhere on a forum that this was an overlooked but effective chiller, that despite being released on a massively low budget label (mine came with a disc with 3 other movies for a quid) it was well worth the watch.

The premise of the movie was intriguing enough, although in my haste I did read the synopsis wrong, but still, the idea of 3 young reporters who unearth a terrifying secret in a spooky countryside residence sounded like it was worth a punt. Naturally I thought that the reporters were writing an article on said spooky house, but actually they were just using the house as a base to report on a local festival.

I’m sure you have already scrolled down to see what I gave the film and let me say that surprisingly it wasn’t the acting that made it so middle of the road, or the plot, nor was it any other in particular individual element, but simply put it was in this case that the movies whole did add up to the sum of its parts! For one, it didn’t seem able to decide what sort of movie it wanted to be. Initially some eccentric acting and a sorrowful housewife brought in a nice off-key atmosphere which then complimented by a good location and eerie score made it feel very much like a chiller. That said, about a third of the way in things change, two of the three girls get killed with the key of the film switching to something much more identifiable with the slasher genre, and then the rather silly final third finishing up with some sort of weird hills have eyes survivor mutant stand off - in this case, a retard in the basement.

The constant switching, also coupled with a rather un-associated side story served only to keep the pace and it was difficult to really get involved with the movie as it lacked all the ingredients necessary to be an effective entry into any of the genres listed above; it wasn’t scary enough to be a chiller and nowhere near violent enough to be a slasher.

That said, I made it all the way through and feel it worth noting that it certainly was far from the worst movie I have seen. The characters themselves were quite interesting; especially the role of the eccentric and pervey host who made even the most redundant scenes seem interesting. The locations too were a nice touch; the grand house in particular gave the setting and plots some credibility.  Querky is the best way I can describe this movie and fans of really camp 80s movies will probably appreciate these elements more than I did.

One scene of nudity and the odd spattering of pretty staged combat helped to add to the already colourful plot but did nothing more to enhance my enjoyment of the movie.

Overall you are probably thinking that for the equivalent of 25p what can I possibly find to complain about, but still, I consider my time valuable! To sum up, is it terrible? No, but is it this an unheard of gem of a movie which I consider essential to my collection? Again no. It sits quite happily at 5 out of ten, it’s watchable certainly, but I can see why it was overlooked.

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