Review: The Zodiac


Not really a horror per se, but a film with a grizzly theme none the less. As the title suggests the film ‘The Zodiac’ is a film which aims to recreate the situations and investigation of the real-life ‘Zodiac’ killings.

Now, from my point of view, as interesting as these films can be, I do find making a film about a killer who has never been caught a bit on the lack luster side, especially those that follow an unsuccessful police investigation; how many films of which you know the ending right from the start actually hold you throughout its entirety. This, for me was the problem with this film.

Aside from this, the film actually manages to do a fairly good job at the start. The acting is good enough and the settings, news report and costume all give an authentic feel to the film 1950s setting. The murders are brutal in insinuation but not particularly graphic; I think this was a sensitive choice as they are supposed to represent real life murders.

The films main focus is on the police investigation which follows the murders. For the first half an hour or so we follow the police as they scrap around for clues in order to link the murders to a suspect, but obviously, to no avail. The film jumps ahead in time to the next murders, and then again the police fumble around for clues but again no avail. This time round however the killer taunts the police by sending crypt-o-grams to the media but despite solving several of the messages the killer is still not caught. Then of course the film ends.

Overall this really is the problem with this movie; you know the ending before it’s begun. We don’t see the killer, as the police still don’t know who he is and therefore little focus is spent on him. The police investigation never really comes close and so by the end of the film you don’t feel you know the situation any better either.

At the end of the film a statement is shown claiming that the killer is still waiting for a decent film to be made about him. If he settles for average then he might be chuffed to bits with this effort, but should we really indulge the fantasies of a serial killer?

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