Review: Them


I knew very little of this film before I saw it, but, led under the misconception that this film was going to offer some subtle scares, I eagerly viewed its 80 minute duration. Sadly the end effect was both a disappointment and bemusement.

The plot basically sees two people tormented and attacked in their own home by a group of unidentified and mysterious assailants. One of the film’s best aspect is that the group are not identified, you don’t know who or what they are until right at the end. I will admit the beginning is tense. The film makers clearly put a reasonable amount of thought into the camera angles, lighting and some eerie set pieces which hold your interest and keep the whole film mysterious and fairly chilling.

Sadly there are only so many weird noises and shadowy figures you can view before it becomes a little repetitive and looses its edge.

Bang, here we are at the crux. The fact that beyond the subtle and mysterious there is no real epiphany and the film goes absolutely nowhere. Whilst I won’t go as far as to ruin the big twist, which is an absolute let down by the way, I will let you know that once the couple finally escape from their house the film breaks down to a boring scene after scene montage of them running and screaming.

There is no gore, no nudity and, after the first half an hour or so, there is nothing to hold your attention.

So overall, the short length of this review ironically represents the content of this movie. I believe some subtlety can be effective but it has to go somewhere. ‘Them’ actually just gave me a weird sort of feeling in that, my initial reaction as the credits rolled, was a rather sarcastic ‘yeah great’. It’s not unwatchable as in the beginning there were some nice ideas and after the first 30 minutes there was a flicker of potential but having watched to the end the final twist made about as much of an impact as a fart in a jacuzzi.

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