Review: Tokyo Gore Police


Here at BTG we are always on the look on for some of the most bizarre, cult, gore films we can get our hands on. Watching Tokyo Gore Police was a reminder that all those boxes can be ticked in one massive gory swoop.

I can remember the moment G discovered TGP it was not long after we had the pleasure of sitting through 'Machine Girl' I remember it because we thought that MG was simply a one off crazy Japanese special but my god did TGP go that one step further.

This film is sick! When I mean gory I don't just mean there's a bit, I mean the gore machine was set to full bucket load throughout!! I'll talk about some of the moments  in-depth that stood out for me after going through plot.

We follow the Tokyo Police Force in a chaotic Japan set in the future. The police force specialise in taking out "Engineers". Engineers are made from a virus that is inserted into victims in the shape of a key, meaning that when the 'Engineers' have an injury or lose a limb they gain weapons from them. Mental! Ruka is the skilled engineer hunter who is looking for the killer of her father, who also served in the police force. "Key Man" was the inventor of the virus and its Ruka's job to hunt him down. When she is finally confronted by him she manages to scalp him with her deadly katana, Key Man, being an engineer himself then turns into head cannon man, firing what I can only describe as shit nuggets at Ruka. He manages to pin her down and insert a key in to her already disfigured arm.

Ruka takes out an investigation to find more engineers and more importantly 'Key Man'. When she does he explains to her that his farther was the one that killed Ruka's dad. He was desperate to keep his family out of poverty and was paid to assassinate him as Ruka's dad was rallying against the privatisation of the police force. Key Man's dad was killed right before his eyes as soon as he had killed Ruka's farther by the police chief, who was behind the whole assassination from the start. It sounds a bit like a Japanese mess but it's really not that hard to follow (just a little bit hard to put into words). Anyway the film unfolds from here once the truth is out and the ending is fairly linear so I won't ruin it.

Now back to why we're here............the Gore!! Where do I start! One scene sticks out for me and that's where a member of the police force goes to what appears to be a brothel full of freaks. He picks his girl and goes off to do his thing. Little does he know that the girl he has picked is an engineer herself and bites his cock off before he gets a chance to enjoy anything! There are two things that come from this situation, one is that he shoots the girl in half with an Uzi and she becomes in my mind a human Vagigator haha and then the man himself is turned into an engineer and manages to produce the biggest cock cannon I've ever seen (well the only cock cannon I've ever seen but still!!!!!). To put it plainly this film never lets up with the gore! If there's an opportunity for the red stuff it's used!! Not just a dash of ketchup were talking hose pipe blood! At times its both disgusting and hilarious! There's constant adverts throughout the film for self-harm and seppuku, why not!!  These were comical and apparently added in to balance out the dark tone of the film.

Now don't get me wrong it's not without flaws but there's very little and that's always a winner. The plot is fairly straight forward and the actual pace is lacking in certain parts however there's always one thing keeping you going and that's knowing that when the gore comes it's serious!

Overall I was impressed with Tokyo Gore Police, this is exactly what were looking for and we love it! You can see that Yoshihiro Nishimura who had worked on The Machine Girl then brought his talent to TGP and I'm glad he did! Other influences can be seen in the fight scenes who were choreographed by Taku Sakaguchi who had worked on "Meatball Machine". A keeper for any gore fan or Asian cinema lover out there!

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