Review: Tourist Trap


When I first turned on Tourist Trap I couldn't really remember ever watching it, as soon as we are introduced to the creepy mannequin fest I instantly remembered seeing this gem a long time ago....and it's still as creepy as what it was then! It's clear to see that Tourist Trap has been influenced by some of the 'big hitters', Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie and Halloween all seem to have made a mark on director David Schmoeller, yet he has still managed to create a unique entry to the genre.

Tourist Trap starts with the generic slasher theme, a group of friends have broken down and come across an abandoned 'attraction', the springs are no longer in use due to a new highway that has diverted the customers, whilst one of the guys tries to find some help the girls think it's time to take a dip in the spring - spoiler- no nudity ha!

For slashers to be rememberable they always have to meet certain criteria, whilst ill talk about the others later, one important subject topic must be the women. Using an ex-Charlies angel to play your lead female role is what I like to call genius. 'Tanya Roberts' as Becky can only be described as truly stunning with a set of particular assets that literally are on show throughout, unfortunately never delivers any nudity but the tease is more than enough to keep you fixated.

It doesn't take long before the owner of the springs 'Mr Slausen', played by 'Chuck Connors', makes his appearance. Chuck is definitely the centre piece of the film, his acting is top grade and probably the most stand-out performance of the whole cast.............just piping the post from Tanya and her beauty. Mr Slausen takes the teens into his museum where they get to see his wax works, if like us you are a bit freaked out by dolls/mannequins this is where the film ramps up the creepiness factor. The teens start to discover that the wax models aren't what they seem and that Mr Slausen not only has a dark past but some serious Carrie style telekinetic powers.

The voice work on Mr Slausen when in his sinister killing form is more than unsettling, I can't put my finger on just exactly what it reminds me of but every time he's talking on screen, I'm just glad I'm not one of the teens! To say Mr Slausen has some mental issues is the understatement of the century.

The gore that's captured in the death sequences are fairly graphic and in a true 80's fashion has the right cut-aways at all the right times. Mr Slausen controlling his dolls to perform some of his horrible acts is something that does stick with you til the end.

Overall Tourist Trap is definitely a must for fans of slasher, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a classic slasher from the past and this was definitely a welcome sight. Fast paced, a handful of unique deaths, beautiful girls and a crack pot killer with a bizarre set of motives. One to add to the collection!

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