Review: Trailer Park Of Terror


Trailer park of terror appears to be the first film from a company which had previously only supplied creature effects to the movie industry, and in that capacity appear to be a well respected firm. This film is their attempt to cut out the middle man and make some real money in the movie industry, and while they have succeeded in making a decent horror movie, I can’t comment if they made any amount of money from it.

The film is based on a series of cult comics of the same name; I’ve never heard of the comic before so cannot comment on how well it’s been translated to the screen, so I’ll just give a quick run down of the story.

The film begins in a trailer park with a attractive young woman getting ready for a date with a city boy, the rest of the trailer park inhabitants aren’t best pleased about this and kill the city boy, if this was purposely or an accident isn’t too clear. But they don’t seem too bothered about it anyway.

In a state the young woman runs off and meets a mysterious man on the roadside, he offers her a "solution" to her problems; a gun and the promise that she kills them all in return for some vague exchange. It seems safe to assume that this is the devil and the exchange is for her soul, but this is never implicitly said. The woman returns to the trailer park and kills everyone, including herself.

Roll opening credits: during the credits we see multiple newspaper clippings about missing persons across a time span of many years, decades even in the area around the trailer park.

When we return to the movie we are introduced to a collection of frankly shitty kids on their way home from a Christian camp for troubled teens. The camp doesn’t seem to have done them any good though, we’ve got nymphomaniacs, drug addicts, kleptomaniacs, suicide risks; quite a collection really. After asking for directions at a truck stop they find themselves broken down near the trailer park, which has fallen into a state of degradation since the events of the prologue (it’s not really clear if the truck stop people know that something is wrong with the trailer park or not).

Taking refuge in the trailer park they meet Norma (the young woman from the prologue) and after some chin wagging offers them the trailers for the night, the kids go off and find trailers they are happy with and "settle" down for the night.

Quite quickly zombified, but still intelligent versions of the dead inhabitants of the trailer park appear and start killing off the kids and the counsellor accompanying them. All the deaths are pretty gory and say something about the kids’ problems; the druggie gets chopped up whilst high and thinks it’s all some crazy trip she’s having; the pervert gets killed whilst having an erotic massage; the nympho kids are forced to take part in a snuff film, etc. Looking back it’s actually a pretty smart set of deaths, and they are all nice and gory which you would hope from a company specialising in it.

The cast is pretty unknown, but no doubt you’ll recognise at least some of the cast from somewhere. The acting is all at an acceptable level for a straight to DVD movie, and despite the relatively low budget ($2 million according to wikipedia) it never feels cheap, everything looks great and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching a big budget Hollywood affair.

Overall it’s a decent film, which easily eclipses a lot of horror which does make its way to the cinema. That’s not to say it’s without problems, but let’s hope any follow up movies from this studio iron out those niggles and create something which makes more of an impact and we get to see some on the big screen.

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