Review: Triloquist


Oh dear oh dear, don’t you just hate it when you get a movie which is so desperate to be liked, but despite its constant trying it really has no redeeming qualities?  You want to like it, after all it is trying so hard, but ultimately it just seems so needy that it gets irritating in the end. Triloquist provides such an experience.  Taking many elements which good horror movies employ tactfully, Triloquist employs in the most vulgar way possible, and I’m not just talking in terms of the over use of bad language which is possibly the movies striking feature.

The plot involves two children and a ‘living’ ventriloquist dummy. After being left orphans by their mother’s suicide the three decide to continue her sideshow act but find it difficult to work through their childhood, which is shown in quite a cool little montage. The main story is set sometime later where the girl, boy and dummy must travel cross country to get to Las Vegas, their last and only hope at fortune.

The plot itself is quite a good one, and with the majority of the movie set on the open road there should have been plenty of opportunity for imaginative deaths and some decent set pieces. Sadly both are in short supply in this movie. I admit the movie opens with some promise. The characters seem quite dynamic. The girl is foul mouthed, sassy and quite attractive, the boy is retarded and acts as such, and although the dummy doesn’t really look that scary he puts in plenty of corny one liners which make him a little reminiscent of the good old Leprechaun from the classic franchise.

Sadly as the movie progresses the characters turn out to be nothing but one dimensional puns, and after watching for around half an hour you realise ‘sassy and sexy’ isn’t ever going to develop past her calling everybody a cock sucker and accusing them of wanting to fuck her, that the brother offers nothing but irritating gormless faces and stupid fucking dances and that the dummies corny one liners become a little more than occasional.

The plot goes no where. Simply put, all they seem to do is commit a crime, get caught and escape. You guessed it, the dummy, who no one suspects, aids them in all of this. I don’t really know how to describe this other than boring, repetitive and massively unfeasible (even accepting the presence of a living ventriloquist doll). It’s amazing, despite its simplicity, the plot and pace seem to get so disjointed and despite the fact that the movie is only around 80 minutes in length it really was a chore to watch.

The violence in this movie is hardly worth mentioning. There are little bits of blood here and there, but for the most part we must be satisfied with seeing the aftermath of the attacks. Seriously, even the lame effects in the Leprechaun franchise manage to out strip this movie!

Overall, the weighting of words in this review is a good reflection of this movie. Good setup, for say 15 minutes, but in the end there is no substance, and no decent violence to mask it. This movie offers nothing in return for your time, save only winding you up. The jokes are lame and the tendencies to rely on bad language and crude innuendo make the carry affair seem amateurish. It’s not cult, it’s just shit. Ignore the Dimension extreme reputation, this movie is definitely one of the worst they offer.

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