Review: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


I want to begin with one recommendation: Go and see this movie.

Eli Craig’s debut ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ epitomises the very formula of a good slasher whilst somehow managing to parody the genre so effectively. Containing all things vital to the hit or miss subgenre (comedy/horror) it has gore, tits, teens, hillbillies and most importantly genuine laugh-out-loud sequences delivered in abundance throughout its 90 minute run time.

The plot is the movies secret weapon, a twist on perspective so simple it now seems amazing that it has never been done before. In this movie, a pair of life-loving hillbillies (Dale and Tucker)are terrorised in their own holiday cabin by a group of camping teens. What begins as a misunderstanding soon develops into an outright slaughter, whilst unwitting Dale and Tucker seem unable to stop the onslaught surrounding them despite their best efforts.

The plot is brought to life by a fantastically well thought through screenplay, delivered with conviction by a cast headed by comedy veterans Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk. Each set piece, whether it be a spoof of a well-known horror movie, or simple character interaction,flows effortlessly into the next. The result is a story which is engrossing and is delivered at lightning pace. The comedy element of the movie relies heavily on slapstick set pieces and some pretty amusing one liners. It’s hard to compare it with any other movie I have seen recently, but if you enjoy your comedy light hearted and tongue in cheek then I would be surprised if this does not impress you.

The slasher aspect of the movie also deserves a mention. Like its comedy set pieces, the deaths in the movie are all stand out, no cheap camera cuts, and certainly not with a lack of gore. Each of the teens are dispatched in true 80s gore flick homage, with some outstanding effects and prosthetics. A high body count sees this movie sitting up there with some of the slasher favourites reviewed on Beyond the Gore.

Literally there is something for everyone in this movie! Hell, there’s even a love story interwoven into the carnage.You are no doubt aware that this movie, despite a very limited release, has been met with an excellent critical reception,and this review sits alongside many other all with similar enthusiasm for spreading the word!

Overall, there is no need to critique this movie further, its outstanding plain and simple.

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