Ahhhh the 80’s, what’s not to like?! A time exempt from Facebook, people taking photos of their food before eating and Vines!! It rings a familiar bell with a lot of people and whenever there is a time people would have back in a flash…it would be the magic 80’s! Turbo Kid is an 80’s inspired fantasy/horror film that taps into the innocence of films from back in the day, simple but enjoyable story, memorable characters and enough gore to satisfy the thirsty horror fans. All said and done Turbo Kid is frickin’ awesome!!

The year is 1997, the world is a desolate wasteland, ZEUS (Michael Ironside) rules the land making people fight against his warriors in the pit and blending anyone who loses for the much sought after water. The Kid is a young scavenger, living in solitude and doing his best to survive by trading his finds for water and of course his beloved Turbo Rider comic book. He stumbles across ‘Apple’ a girl determined to be friends with Kid, despite trying to live a quiet life Zeus manages to meddle and leaves The Kid in no position but to become a hero, with a childlike determination and with the aid of his new found turbocharged weapon and Turbo Rider outfit makes it his mission to save Apple and put a stop to Zeus’s reign of terror. 

The entire film plays as a nostalgia rollercoaster, the soundtrack is classic, the apparel is a mix between mad max post-apocalyptic and retro. Moments of comedy come from Apple’s robotic mishaps usually in the form of her coming out with something amusingly inappropriate.

When there’s not much story telling there are scenes of wild action usually coupled with buckets of hilarious splatter, it truly is brilliant! Easily my favourite types of horror come in the form of tried and tested methods done well, disembowelment, beheadings and a handful of more than creative death sequences in the finale all provide one visceral bombardment!

The post apocalyptic scenery is actually well done, granted it’s not on a massive scale but the direction has been done well, and the sets are all as ‘wasteland-esque’ as you would expect them to be, the pallet of the film also achieves two things, it gives a genuine feel to the baron wasteland and when it’s time for FX – in the form of gore and Turbo Kids power glove firing away its vibrant and brings life to the film in an instant. 

Turbo Kid is a thoroughly enjoyable blast from the past, it reminded me a little of ‘Manborg’ old school techniques have been used throughout, the gore is all done in a tongue-in-cheek way with buckets of blood and various methods of death – “Mad Max on a BMX” this certainly is!

There’s not much more to say about Turbo Kid, you have to see it for yourself to enjoy it, for fans of 80’s cinema you will fall in love with its retro theming and inoffensive simple plot. For fans of plain horror well there’s enough here to provide you with 90 minutes of fun and gore galore….I can only hope that there is a sequel in the pipe line!