Review: Udbrud


Zombie homage ‘Udbrud’ is packed to bursting point with physical gore effects, quirky B-movie humour and some absolutely outrageous set pieces. At a run time of 40 minutes the Danish production, directed by Henrik Andersen is an absolute blast.

The movie is very reminiscent of Peter Jackson’s classic movies Braindead and Bad Taste, favouring over the top gore and blood splatter over any form of coherency! This movie is nostalgic all the way and the influence of all the horror greats are very apparent without the need for the press release.

Watching ‘Udbrud’ gave me the same thrill as I remember Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’ did back in the day as blood sprays by the bucket load from the torn flesh of zombies and victims alike!

In terms of plot the events of ‘Udbrud’ follows a single survivor known simply as ‘the girl with no name’. She runs for her life as her friendly estate becomes over run by the walking dead before ultimately being forces to fight or die. The movie is in Danish, with subs where necessary and there is some effort to contextualise the outbreak as a form of cyclic event, but other than this there is little time for dialogue between onslaughts! No complaints from me though, I don’t watch this sort of movie to be educated.

The stars of the show, as they should be, are the zombies! The effects in this movie are awesome, and the pustule covered infected are nothing short of grotesque. There are a lot of zombies in this movie to, made up to reflect different states of decay, and although plenty of zombies seem to actually be enjoying being dead, the horde in ‘Udbrud’ puts many larger budget zombies to shame. The effects to be really good. There are a couple of mega gore scenes in the movie with an abundance of all the best types of zombie deaths – throat rips, disembowelling, head cleaving and general munching the practical effects are well received indeed as blood not only are the kill shots all captured in full, without cuts or interrupted with inconsistent CGI! In fact the only place where CGI is noticeable is in a mad max tribute shoot-out towards the end of the movie – not that it matters, just that I see plenty of movies which claim to be tributes to the old greats ladened with CGI which spoils the ambience.

Overall ‘Udbrud’ puts to shame many larger releases in terms of its outstanding gore effects and whole hearted homage. It’s good to hear that it has been met with favourable reception at festivals. If you want a copy of the movie, and you should, check out:

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