Review: UKM (Ultimate Killing Machine)


Dear God in heaven (or which deity you fear). Why do people make films of this ‘quality?’

This film is such a mess.

I’m not going to waste much more of my time on this film so I will keep it brief.

God knows what genre the film makers were aiming for. Basically the story is about a military experiment which goes wrong and a war vet is enhanced to the point he goes mad and kills a few people. He is locked up and the experiment is deemed unsuccessful as he was too well trained already. So, they get some new recruits, the most irritating group of misfits they could find, bring them to the base, do the experiments, and then they get loose. So everyone is running around with no clear objective, super-soldier who incidentally has got a boner for everyone (literally as apparently one of the side effects is that 'When he gets mad he gets sexual urges, he’s mad and horny') is just killing randomly. The experimentee’s are trying to escape, but seem to get distracted all the time, and the general, played by Michel Madsen (most famous for playing Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs) is trying to get the situation under control.

It's just plain shit. The acting is bollocks and the dialog seems improvised. The gore, fair enough, is ok in parts, but it’s very minimal. Don’t get me started on the ‘humour’. To top it all off, the final kick in the balls as it were, is that despite the sexual urges there is not even a nipple on display.

Overall, this film is plain bollocks.

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