It never ceases to amaze me just how much content and story can be told in a mere 13 minutes of film, to me it shows a real talent for streamlined directing and here Amelia Moses has entertained me more than some full features of late.

Simply put ‘Undress Me’ is disgusting, granted I struggle with ‘body horror’, watching a human deteriorate and fall apart piece by piece I find to be shocking and when it’s as visceral as this, even more so! 

Socially awkward freshman Alice (Lee Marshall) forces herself to attend a college party, trying her best to fit in to the stereotypical frat party she gets talking to Eric (Leigh Alderson) which leads to a one night encounter. Alice’s body starts to show signs of some form of disease or bacteria, slowly affecting her body.

The beauty of Undress Me may well fall in its run time, Alice’s transition from human to gloop happens at a rate of knots, it’s hard to connect with the helplessness of Alice, more a stomach churning feeling of disgust which stays till the very end. The practical effects are absolutely on point here, skin peeling, lumps of flesh falling off, nauseating gore at its finest.

Undress Me fits perfectly well the modern horror, clean camera angles and well produced footage all give it a polished feel, it’s one grimy subject but shown in clear detail.

Naturally Undress Me is slightly deeper than just gore and tackles the social issues raised by attending college, the requirement to ‘fit in’, the normality of partying hard and sleeping with strangers, who knows maybe Durex need to get on board with its advertisement campaign………use protection kids else you’ll turn into…….well, mush!

2014’s ‘EAT’ certainly resonates with Undress Me and whilst that trauma is more prolonged in a full length, the end result is as atrocious. Undress Me will undoubtedly, as 2016’s ‘RAW’ did create a storm on the festival circuit and gore fans, including myself will be eager to see what else Amelia Moses has to offer.

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