Review: Vacancy


At present I seem to be visiting a few older films recommended by friends, and to be honest it makes a nice change from trying to hunt down watchable films for myself. Plus it's nice to watch a 'normal' film rather than some of the sick oddities we endure here at BTG!

Vacancy is a 07' thriller brought to us by 'Nimrod (Predators 2010) Antal. It had a budget of $19,000,000 and from what I hear was met with a positive response. It's certainly polished and with a runtime of 85 minutes the pace is furious!!

David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale) find themselves broken down and stranded after trying to make their way home from a weekend bash with the family. What's clear from the get go is that the couple are having some serous marital issues, when I say marital issues I mean Amy is being the world's biggest crab, 100% of the know one of those people that even if they won the lottery would still moan about how 'stressful' being rich is.....what a bitch!!!

They manage to stumble across a typical seedy motel, and decide to write the night off get a night's sleep and then try and find a garage in the morning. A sound idea, if it wasn't for the fact that the motel is actually making their own snuff films and selling them to the locals. When the couple settle down for the night they stumble upon some videos that have been conveniently left for them in their room, showing the horrible fates of the previous tenants of the exact room they are staying in for the night. Upon realising what is going on its time for the couple to make a break for's amazing how a woman's mood can change on a knife edge when she wants you to save her life! Instant crab disappearance....funny that isn't it?!

Without ruining the rest of the film the couple discover just how dark the motels manager and his 'cult' like gang that help with his bloody deeds. It's certainly tense throughout and as mentioned earlier aided by the runtime you are never bored. It's not flawless by any means but it's definitely interesting enough to hold your attention.

Gore is definitely an opportunity for Vacancy, there's not a massive amount but it's clear to see that the film is trying to get its marks for being a stand out thriller. The only gripe I really had was that I can't seem to believe that the demand for snuff films in the local area of the motel was really high enough for the manager to literally kill every customer that stays, especially when said motel is your typical remote (only building within a 20 mile radius) sort of place. I guess the reality is, is that the manager is just a sick fuck and gets off on this stuff!!

Acting is solid throughout with a professional cast and well written script, there's even a few snips of humour in there, avoiding the racoon was a definite highlight....even if it did mean giving his partner yet more ammunition to have a pop!

Overall Vacancy is not a must watch but it's certainly good enough to occupy 85 minutes of your life, it's a solid thriller which doesn't quite tick all of the boxes but what it does deliver it does so very well. The story is interesting enough and its tense enough to make you care about the characters!

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