Review: War Of The Dead


Sounds good, it really isn’t.

Another zombie film which just has you asking two questions, the first, why did they bother making it? The second, why did I bother to watch it through to the end?

The answers, well only those involved in the project and the almighty himself knows the answer to the first, the second, well I would have felt guilty reviewing a film which I hadn’t seen in its entirety, and having just watched ‘war of the dead’ for the full 90 minutes I now appreciate how terrible an eternity in purgatory could be.

That said it has one redeeming factor, the story.

The story of ‘War of the Dead’ is quite intriguing. The zombies in this film are reanimated Nazi’s who fell unjustly in the second world war to a patrol of US marines. They are back and hunting down members of that very same patrol some 60 odd years later. On the case, trying to save the dwindling numbers of elderly veterans, is a member of an ‘x-files’ type section of the FBI and a bumbling highway patrolman. This is nothing out of the ordinary I grant, but what does make this film a little bit special in the plot department is that it really is consistent, and all questions the film poses are answered, rigidly. I mean all of them, where the zombies come from, how the virus is contracted, how to kill the zombies, you ask they reveal.

That’s the end of the good really. I’m going to summarise the rest of the film quickly because I could go on all day really.

The acting: pretty shoddy, bad dialog also and some really cringe worthy clichés too. The combat, particularly the opening sequence, was equally amateur although I got to admit the acrobatics were impressive.

The effects: The zombie effects were really bollocks, despite justifying the lack of decomposition (another question answered!) it still was an obvious ‘fob off’. The ‘effects’ were merely just guys with a bit of foundation on; even the uniforms were crap, Nazi soldiers with no swastika or insignia? Really? To add insult to injury there is next to no blood in the whole film. The sound effects were equally shit with all types of gun, grenade and neck snapping all having the same effects.

Overall, the story was a good enough idea, but the film was pretty poor. I’m a fan of low budget films but it always amazes me that people aren’t able to realise the scope of their projects. Bottom line is, if you haven’t got the budget for decent makeup or gore; don’t bother making a zombie film. This is truly the case with ‘War of the Dead’ it had reasonable potential with its story, but was seriously below par on delivery and clearly on resources.

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