Review: White of the Eye


It's the turn of 'White of the Eye' to get the Arrow revamp, packed full of special features and artwork to die for....Arrow seem to have a keen 'Eye' for films that deserve an overhaul.

White of the Eye is a British, late 80's thriller, directed by Donald Cammell. The film is packed full of vivid set pieces, to the point where at times it can be a little hard to keep up, distinguishing between dream and reality at times certainly keeps you engaged. The sheer amount of content and attention to detail is a homage to all of the ideals of a true giallo film.

The first thing you will notice is the fantastic camera work and artistic shots that are prevalent throughout, the first death sequence itself is filled with powerful music, perfectly timed cutaways and just enough gore to make it uncomfortably real. The Blu-Ray transfer is stunning and adds extra depth to all of the colours and details are even sharper.

The plot is set in a small town in Arizona, quite a desolate location, sort of the town where the local sheriff knows exactly who is who. A killer is on the loose, preying on women, housewife Joan White starts suspecting that all is not well in her relationship and that her hi-fi techy' fella may have a sinister part to play. Is he installing more than just a hi-fi in to his clients?......

The breakdown in the relationship soon become the least of Joan's worries when the truth behind Paul's dark outings become all too real. The local sheriff also has his suspicions and it doesn't take long before the plot is blown wide open.

The score is, as you would expect an upbeat pulsating synth-ride and a credit to Pink Floyd's Nick Mason who co-wrote it. It's one aspect of the film that carries it from start to finish, silence is unnecessary when cinematic music is this polished!!

As with the majority of giallo films this is not a 'kill a minute' blood bath, there are but a handful of deaths, infact about 3 I believe, but each as brutal and visceral as the last. A mention must be made about the finale which is to put it simply, explosive!  

Overall White of the Eye is an Arrow release you need to buy, if you are a fan of giallo and slow moving thrillers are your thing then this Argento-esque' classic needs to belong in your collection. The film has buckets of style and with an ending like this you will definitely finish this one with a smile on your face!

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