Review: Wild Zero


A recent discovery for C and myself, 'Wild Zero' with its hook being a rock and roll zombie session, promised so much, and delivered fuck all.

I intend to keep this brief as, in all honesty, with a running time of 90 minutes I feel that this bag of shit has already had it its lot from me.

Some where in rural Japan the shittest rock and roll band 'Guitar Wolf ' are playing a gig. After being crossed by their employer, a fan helps them out by killing few members of the employers gang and is forced on the run. As a token of thanks the band give him a whistle which he is to blow should he ever get into trouble. Little does he know that he is about to stumble upon a zombie outbreak caused by aliens.

In all honesty having read my own synopsis it is easy to see how wee could have been so deceived, handled correctly this movie has got cult status written all over it. Sadly it was handled with all the care and attention as a whore would a baby.

First off the band, the music which dominates the movie is really shitty punk and the sound quality is appalling, real low bit-rate which distorts and clinks through your speakers. With that annoyance, throw in some bad acting and a really poor script and you have got a film with a pace which mimics the consistency of a zombies brain.
It was genuinely boring to watch - C didn't even make it all the way through!

I thought that after such a bad start the zombies at least will save it... Sadly no! They are as bad as the sound quality!

The make-up was near non existent, really reminiscent of the countless dog shit zombie movies in the eighties, in which a little bit of face make-up, coupled with normal clothing was supposed to make us think they were dead. It looked cheap and really just reinforced our opinion of the movie.

I could go on but it is pissing me off just thinking about the movie!

Annoying and frustrating are two such consistencies in the movie. Take my word for it, its not gory, its not funny, and whilst the plot sounds imaginative and interesting, it is hideously executed.

Avoid this movie, no wonder we only just heard of it.

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