Review: Wither


The first thing you will notice about Wither, is that its location is great, shot in Knivsta Sweden it really is idyllic, a tone that definitely doesn't last through the film certainly aiding the overall feel from happiness to pure dread. On top of that you can clearly tell the cast is of Swedish descent, the girls are truly stunning and the men look like they could all form a boy band! There's plenty of eye candy for both sexes and also a bit of a shame as we all know it's not long before they're all dispatched.

A young couple Ida and Albin plan a weekend away with all of their friends to a remote cabin, to me and you a bad idea from the word from go! When they arrive they find the cabin locked, whilst they are trying to picklock the front door, Marcus helps Marie climb into one of the back windows so she can scare the gang when they finally get in. Seemed like a good idea until Marie stumbles across a trap door in the middle of the room leading into a mysterious tunnel, stupidly she decides to venture in...she's unable to hold her nerve and without knowing quite what is down there listens to her instincts and gets the hell out of there. Little does she know she has disturbed a Vittra.

Now I had absolutely no idea that the film went this deep until I started reading a little into it, a Vittra is a Swedish folklore which talks about a mythical creature that lives underground, they are mainly invisible unless threatened and if you have the misfortune of laying your eyes on one or pissing one off then your life isn't worth living. In terms of what we see it's a mummy like creature that sounds like it's been smoking 20 a day and is in serious need of a good bath, or napalm...probably the latter.

The group finally make their way into the house and it's time to party! Marie on the other hand isn't feeling too well, and before we know what's happened Marie is trying to feast on the nearest piece of flesh, which in all fairness isn't such a bad way to go as she's just as sexy as the rest of the girls!!

From here on in the gore train is in full flow, and you will clearly see a likeness to the new Evil Dead film, it shares the same dark feel and the realism of the effects too. The deaths are equally as brutal and imaginative and there really is a serious nature to all of the kills, this is one traumatic experience and for the latter half of the film its highly unlikely that you will crack a smile...unless you have some seriously sick issues of course. Either way for the budget it's a stunning job for both gore and deaths! We've seen blockbuster 'gore' movies with less blood and guts!

Now as good as the gore is one big problem is that it does hinder some of the pace towards the end, what a ridiculous thing to say you might think, however watching Wither you will know exactly what I mean. It almost feels like 15-20 minutes should of been cut out from the film, from this perspective it really is hard to explain why, the deaths just keep coming and coming and personally it did start to feel like we were going through the motions.  

The cabin in the woods scenario has been done to death, so Wither doesn't break any originality boundaries and to now read about the Vittra that featured in it, it would have been nice if this would have featured more often, yes there is an explanation at the start and one of the survivors 'Gunnar' does tell of the story he has been through but it just felt like a missed opportunity. For me this could of been its stand out from all the other 'teens in a cabin, die one by one' regime.

Overall Wither is certainly one hell of a gory zombie movie. You get sheer bang for buck deaths and a dread inducing endurance to the end! Despite the box art looking amateurish and the SEK 300,000 budget you wouldn't tell Wither apart from some bigger studio releases. Its atmospheric, dark and has a mighty kill tally! Check it out!

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