Review: Wolfcop


WolfCop written and directed by 'Lowell Dean' has the artwork of an 80's creature flick and although is reminiscent of many other straight to-dvd horror releases WolfCop is well worth the praise it has received.

WolfCop has been the first film to be generated from the 'CineCoup Film Accelerator' (think along the lines of 'indiegogo' projects) and the end result is that of a rough around the edges yet hugely entertaining horror comedy!

'Lou Garou' is a deadbeat cop in small town Woodhaven, with a constant flow of alcohol in his system and a severe lack of interest in his job he is more interested in the local bar than the local crime. 'Leo Fafard' who plays the role of 'Lou' does capture the 'down and out' nature of the character very well, and as a werewolf is pretty damn badass!!

In the town of Woodhaven it seems that the local pets have been disappearing for some time, although not on the local police forces radar it seems that Lou has been sent to investigate some disturbances recorded by one of the locals which has been taking place in some of the woods. In the woods Lou stumbles across some form of satanic ritual before being knocked unconscious. He wakes up with a sore head.....and a pentagram carved in his chest. More disturbingly is his increased sense of smell, hearing and body hair that re-grows instantly. Unbeknown to Lou he is now playing the part in a much bigger plan, can the WolfCop clean up the town???

The rest of the film plays out fairly slowly at times, almost a collection of scenes which then add up to a crescendo which you would imagine with a nice conclusion to the plot as the finale. What was lacking was simply more scenes of the WolfCop! Literally tearing the life and limbs off the local riff raff would never get old! Especially when he is cruising around in the Wolfmobile which has seemed to have taken its inspiration from the vintage Bat Mobile and Knight Rider!

Gore effects are cheesy yet the blood is on tap! There are scenes of decapitation, dismemberment and of course a face gets ripped off, hilarious! The whole feel of the effects are really old school and it fits in perfectly - the score of WolfCop which blasts away with most scenes of horror are also brilliant!

The transformation scenes are actually fairly savage and although hasn't used the most advanced techniques in the book they are gory as hell! There's plenty of flesh ripping and bones cracking and a first time viewing experience - a werewolf cock in full transformation glory...sick!

Overall WolfCop is a great creature b-movie, it delivers on gore, the acting is solid throughout, the two female leads are easy on the eye and the humour is actually funny in parts, and you get to see a werewolf sex scene.......not sure if that's a positive but it's in there! Its 79 minutes and well worth your time, there's promise of WolfCop 2 at the end too!

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