Review: World War Z


One thing comes to mind when talking World War Z and that is scale. It is immense. Hollywood have given this the full works, its $190,000,000 budget is simply mind blowing and some of the set pieces are truly outstanding.

WWZ is based on the 2006 novel by Max Brooks, and after all of the problems that went on with studios, directors production and so on, Mark Foster managed to direct quite a film. Not without its flaws.

Our hero Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) plays his role very well, he is a former UN investigator, now living the family life. He is thrown into turmoil when the world is suddenly plagued by a virus which is turning the population into savage flesh eating zombies. The first scene of the zombie outbreak in the city is incredible...the sheer scale of panic and disorder that follows is one that will never be captured in a zombie movie again. After just escaping with his family Gerry is given the task of investigating the disease in order to help find the cure/anti-virus. Quite a tall order but of course Pitt takes it on the chin and with the threat of his family being exposed to harm he is left with no choice but to risk it all for humanity.

What follows is Gerry visiting various locations to try and solve the virus which is taking over the world. Rather than feel like an immersive story however we are left with what I can only call a Hollywood showcase, how much chaos can we get onto one screen....granted it can be amazing but the problem is when you put all of your eggs into one basket you end up with the rest of the film lacking that 'wow' factor. It's hard to put your finger on as to why but watching it you will know what I mean, basically if you have seen the trailer, that's as good as it gets, and don't get me wrong its bloody good, but where's the rest? The scenes in the trailer are in chronological order too! So you pretty much know what scenes are coming and when! Madness.

I think my criticism's are not helped by the budget...$190,000,000 is a number I cannot comprehend, but it lacked a few more 'unique' scenes....for example when the zombies are scaling the wall trying to get in to fortress style city this personally was a chance to take action to another level. In my head the choppers could of circled the zombie mass killing endless amounts of reanimated corpses or even an air strike on a grand scale, I don't know something to make my jaw drop that little bit more, when you've spent the best part of 200 million let's not fuck about, get the panties down and finish the job!!!! This is the same for the rest of the set pieces, they are incredible don't get me wrong but you can count them on one hand and after they're finished things just seem a little flat.

In terms of gore I felt WWZ was heavily held back by the age rating, a 15 was never going to be a blood bath, it's this cross-over action Hollywood blockbuster that has hindered WWZ from entering the realms of a cult classic. A zombie needs to be raw, it wants to eat human flesh for god's sake, taking that element away was a setback in my opinion.

Character wise Pitt is the only one you will end up remembering. After the first quarter of the film it's the Brad Pitt show right until the end, in all fairness he plays the role well, you wouldn't expect anything less! Whether I can believe that there is literally only one man in the entire world that even has a shot at solving the epidemic is ridiculous but hey!

Overall WWZ is certainly a film to watch, you will never see a zombie film on this scale or grandeur ever again, for me personally it's simply a Hollywood blockbuster and not a true horror film. Its story is run of the mill and the characters are forgettable, its heavily reliant upon Pitt doing his best and although he pulls off a solid performance, the task at hand (saving the world) seems a little farfetched for Bradders on his own! Watch it for the set pieces, although they could have been much better they are still in a league of their own!

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