As far as slasher movies go, Peter Herro’s ‘WTF’ is an easy one to get to grips with. Whilst not aiming to push any genre boundaries (indeed this is as typical as they come), what it does is deliver as much of each of the quintessential slasher ingredients in spades!

The plot follows a group of college students as they head out to a remote mansion in the woods. There they intend to drink beer, smoke dope and get as much action as possible. Things seem to be going well for the group as the cabin is fully kitted out, ‘Bongzilla’ survived the car journey and the women are as loose as they come; all of course for one. ‘Rachel’ (Callie Ott) is not a fan of any of the above, indeed she seems intent on ruining everybody’s trip with her sourpuss output on life; that said, there are several hints that she has lost someone close recently and perhaps her choice of company, no matter how contrasting to her own persona, was more proactive than it may seem.

The plot moves along at quite a clip, but be aware that this movie is your typical 3 act slasher, with very little slashing in the first 40 minutes or so – beyond some intrusive kill frames scattered here and there and despite a blood soaked naked bird screaming the movie’s expanded title at the top of her lungs in the opening scene; be warned if you came into this thinking it was going to be a non-stop killing spree. There is a reasonable amount of crimson spilt throughout the films run time, and one amazing scene where an unlucky female character has her head flambéed which showcases some amazing effects (and is a real contender for kill of the year should such a thing exist), but like I said, you have to wait for it.

The acting varies from bad to passible, and with a script which is an accurate representation of the mind of a testosterone filled 18-year-old, the technical element of this review is as short as this films exposition! That said, you don’t watch slasher movies for cerebral stimulation now do you?

The characters all take turns in giving a bit of context as to their persona, but by and large they are a rag-tag bunch of all the usual stereotypes, the stoner, the sluts and the walking hard-ons. The film utilises these assets well enough, and what this movie might lack in body-count, it makes up for it tits-and-ass-count. That said, there are a fair few kills, but I felt, outside the aforementioned babe-BBQ, the death sequences were a little lack-lustre, especially when you consider the overtly gratuitous nature of all other of the films elements.

Naturally the film has a ‘reveal’ when the killer’s identity, is revealed, and despite a meagre effort at putting a spin on the whole rationale thing, if you didn’t see it coming, you probably need a trip to the opticians.

Overall ‘WTF’ is a typical slasher that has the confidence just to accept itself and its genre boundaries. There is certainly enough going on throughout to keep any fan of the sub-genre satiated, but if you are looking for something different this isn’t it. With plenty of stoner laughs, nudity and random acts of violence it’s a great opening movie for an evening in.

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