Review: Zombeavers


An interesting concept to take a creature as unthreatening as a beaver and turn them into a flesh hungry beast, a concept that is pretty much hilarious throughout Zombeavers. Unsurprisingly Zombeavers has had its fair share of criticism,  mainly aimed towards its linearity and cliché set up - although for a seemingly small budget and just 21 days of on-site shooting does have quite a bit to show for its effort.

The plot is fairly generic although if looking for an intricate story as to how you can turn a beaver into a Zombeaver then you are definitely in the wrong place, a toxic waste can falls off a passing lorry into a river and ends up at a beaver lodge. A trio of attractive girls are heading to a family retreat to help one of the girls with a broken heart. The cabin has no signal and nothing to do other than go swimming - with very little on.......perfect!

Soon enough they start to realise that there is something very wrong with the local furry dam builders.

The rest of the film pans out as you would expect, a fight for survival against the army of undead beavers, fair amounts of gore and a lot of ridiculous beaver scenes. The gore scenes themselves are fairly substantial - these beavers have a serious appetite and the local wood just isn't cutting it. There are a handful of teens to gnaw their way through and using some serious beaver ingenuity make sure that their victims have no way to escape.

The beavers themselves are a combination of animatronics and CGI, both look equally ridiculous although stay amusing until the end credits, there's a number of laugh out loud moments involving the beavers if of course you're not trying to take this film seriously.

If taken for what it is Zombeavers can be entertaining, its paper thin plot and disposable cast are holding it back from being anything more than a 'one watcher', however watched under the right conditions is a great laugh, and let's be honest if your here to see zombie versions of beavers that's all you really want. The girls are gorgeous and slutty, the boys are dumb and the beavers.....well they are genius and deadly...brilliant!!

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